Abbas: 2017 Will Be ‘The Year of the Palestinian State’

Abbas: 2017 Will Be ‘The Year of the Palestinian State’


The Times of Israel reports: Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas on Saturday told Fatah party officials that 2017 would be “the year of the independent Palestinian state.”

At a torch-lighting ceremony marking the 52nd anniversary of Fatah’s founding, Abbas hailed the recent UN anti-settlement resolution as a diplomatic victory.


“The settlements are illegal, and in recent days, we were given an unprecedented decision regarding this issue,” he told members of his party at the ceremony, held at the grave of former PLO leader Yasser Arafat in Ramallah, Channel 10 news reported.

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January 1, 2017 at 05:20PM

Migrant Stabs Christian Woman Because She Was Reading Bible

Migrant Stabs Christian Woman Because She Was Reading Bible


An Afghan migrant attacked a woman at an asylum centre in Austria because she was reading a bible.

The attack took place in the town on Timelkam in the state of Upper Austria. The attacker was a 22-year-old migrant from Afghanistan who became annoyed that the 50-year-old woman had been invited by Christian residents to read the bible.


Austrian paper Kronen Zeitung says he ran into the kitchen where the woman was talking and attempted to stab her in her upper body. Her thick winter coat protected from serious harm, however she fell and injured her ear due the force of the blow.

Police arrived at the scene and arrested the migrant. He admitted he had overreacted, although he told police this was due to “personal problems”. He also stated that he had never seen the woman before the attack.

There have been numerous incidents of Christians coming under attack in migrant centres across Europe.

One charity said that over 700 Christians have been attacked in German asylums homes since May 2016, with the majority of perpetrators being Muslim.

Christian charity Open Doors said that 83 per cent of the cases reported included multiple assaults, while almost half of victims claim they have received death threats from fellow migrants. Another 44 said they had been sexually assaulted.

Over 90 per cent of the attackers were Muslim, and in 205 cases the attackers were not only Muslim but also guards at the centres.

Breitbart London also reported in August how an Iranian-born German politician who converted to Christianity said that Christians face ongoing persecution in migrant homes.

Mahin Mousapour said Christians in asylum centres were being told they are “impure as a dog”.

“Toys of Christian children are being destroyed, Christian asylum seekers are told not only to wash their dishes after eating but also that they must clean the entire kitchen as it would otherwise be ‘unclean’. Many Muslim asylum seekers call all Christians unclean. Church services are held in secret, bibles and crucifixes have to be hidden,” she said.

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January 1, 2017 at 05:20PM

Watch: Mariah Carey Suffers Brutal Lip-Sync Fail on ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’

Watch: Mariah Carey Suffers Brutal Lip-Sync Fail on ‘New Year’s Rockin’ Eve’


Mariah Carey struggled through her performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve late Saturday night when apparent technical difficulties caused her audio track to be thrown out of sync.

The 46-year-old pop star stopped singing while performing her hit “Emotions,” asking the crowd to sing the lyrics for her.


The issues appeared to be sorted out during her next song, “We Belong Together,” but she stopped singing midway through as her vocal track played on behind her.

“I’m trying to be a good sport here,” an apparently frustrated Carey told the audience during the performance.

“It just don’t get any better,” she added as her set came to a close and she exited the stage.

Thousands of viewers at home took to social media to weigh in on the performance, with some saying 2016 had claimed Carey’s career as its “final victim.”

Carey acknowledged the disastrous performance in a tweet early Sunday, saying simply: “Sh*t happens.”

As CBS News noted, this is not the first time Carey has lip-synced during a nationally televised performance; the singer also mimed her way through the Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade in 2015.

An estimated two million people filled Times Square Saturday night for the ball drop. Gloria Estefan, Thomas Rhett and pop band DNCE also performed live on the show.


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January 1, 2017 at 05:20PM

Fake News: 117-Year-Old Story of Pittsburgh ‘Lynching’ Busted


The tale of the lynching of a black man in Pittsburgh back in 1899 has been used for decades to illustrate how bad the area was for minorities. But new research into the incident found that the story is a 117-year-old example of “fake news,” as it appears this famous “lynching” never actually occurred.

With the whole of the media wringing its hands over “fake news,” it is instructive to remember that the “news” media has for decades been less than serious in its search for the truth, often placing sensationalism above facts and indulging in lazy reporting.


Activists in the Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania area have used the “lynching” of African American fuel plant worker David Pierce as an example of the inequities heaped on minorities in the region for well over 100 years — a stain on the region’s history.

But as The Philadelphia Inquirer recently reported, when researchers at the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette began looking into the history of the lynching, the whole tale fell apart. Not only was there no black employee lynched, there wasn’t even a person named David Pierce — white or black — involved in the story.

The story passed down through the decades by activists centered on the “lynching” of R.J. Rainey Coke Company employee David Pierce, who was described in early stories as a “dangerous negro.”

On the morning of December 19, 1899, the story went, company superintendent Sanford White got between this “dangerous” Pierce and another employee as they engaged in a fist fight. Pierce drew a pistol from his pocket and fired, delivering a fatal wound to White’s abdomen. Pierce then ran into the woods, pursued by an angry mob that shot and lynched him once they caught up with him.

Lynching story

The above reporting on the incident was the earliest account of the fight and was picked up by newspapers across the country, causing a momentary sensation nationwide.

Consequently, this early version of the story was bandied about for decades as an example of illegal summary justice and unfairness blacks faced — so much so that researchers wanted to add the story to a modern compilation of outrages and lynchings visited upon African Americans. But when modern researchers began to track the actual facts, they revealed a different story.

Researchers discovered court records and other, more truthful newspaper accounts that confirmed the fight did happen. The pugilists turned out to be a black man named George Templeton and another company employee. Also, as the mythical tale insisted, a supervisor named Sanford White did try to break up the tussle and was shot and killed for his troubles. But from there things take a far different turn.

The fight began when Mr. Templeton (not “David Pierce”) was accused of robbing a man of $6 and a pocket watch, and during the argument Templeton pulled a pistol.

It was then supervisor White intervened, striking Templeton in the face while trying to disarm him. White was wounded during the struggle. At this point someone else picked up the gun and fired at Templeton, striking him in the neck as he ran away from the scene.

A group of citizens gave chase and Templeton was captured. But no one was lynched.

Furthermore, the black employee had his day in court. At trial Templeton pleaded self-defense and had his charges reduced, receiving only a 15-year prison sentence for killing Mr. White. In the end, the all- white, male jury decided that Templeton was guilty only of second-degree murder, so he was not given the death penalty or a life sentence.

Templeton served just over eight years, having received early release for good behavior, and then disappeared from the pages of history.

Researchers couldn’t find any David Pierce (or a Caleb Pierce, as some early reports named him) in the story at all.

So, the story of “the lynching of David Pierce” turns out to be a fraud. Furthermore, the real life black man in the story not only wasn’t lynched, but he had his day in court and even received a lesser sentence` because his plea of self-defense was accepted.

Still, despite what really happened, activists have been using this legend of the lynching of a non-existent black man as a rallying point for decades. And it is all based on a 117-year-old case of “fake news.”


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Scholla: Joyful, Gorgeous, Loyal Doug McMarlin – Aide for Palin, Bush Lived Life in Color


While many celebrity deaths grabbed the headlines in 2016, we’ve also lost others whose names may not be as well known, but who have had an incredible impact on so many. One of those people is Doug McMarlin. The world of politics will never be the same after McMarlin’s passing in December.

McMarlin was a world class political consultant. He worked alongside the likes of President George W. Bush, Mrs. Laura Bush, Senator John McCain, former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, Ohio Governor John Kasich, and several others. Politically he was a smashing success. People are certainly remembering him for his professionalism. But most are missing McMarlin because of the man he was.



Those who knew him best are describing him as generous, kind, loving, loyal, sensitive, and even gorgeous. McMarlin’s humor and big heart are also a recurring theme if you talk to his friends and colleagues.

“Doug was one of the funniest people I’ve ever known,” said Matt Borges, Ohio’s GOP chairman. “Smart, talented, and an exceptional advance man and political expert. Better yet, he was a kind and devoted friend. Every time we talked he’d ask about my family. Some of my favorite memories, professionally and personally, are with him. Everyone who knew Doug, liked him. That’s rare. It’s even rarer to find a person who lived as joyfully as Doug did.”

Like Borges, many friends considered McMarlin so much more. He was family. He was a brother.

Reagan White House veteran and SarahPAC Treasurer Tim Crawford told Breitbart News McMarlin was the total package. “I lost a dear friend, a brother in arms,” Crawford said. “Doug’s humor, outlook on life, and our frequent conversations will be what I will miss most of all.”

While McMarlin made his mark all over the United States, not to mention overseas, his ties to Ohio were Buckeye strong. McMarlin grew up there and graduated from The Ohio State University. He even served as a board member for the Columbus Zoo. His favorite animal though was his beloved French Bulldog, Emerson.

Outside of Ohio, McMarlin was received just as well. “Doug McMarlin was a friend, colleague, and also a very bright light in the national political landscape,” said Susan Combs, the former Texas State comptroller. “He had an acute ear for political trends across America, as well as a refreshing and singular warmth and kindness. I really miss him.”

Karen Rosalie Giorno was a political colleague and a friend of McMarlin’s for over 25 years. They worked for several presidents, traveled the world together, and helped get candidates elected. She loved him like a brother. In fact, McMarlin moved to Florida in 2015 so the two could be closer to each other. Not only would this give them a chance to socialize more but they even discussed combining their consulting practices in order to work full time together.

“Doug was a scholar and a gentleman,” Giorno said. “He was one of a kind; unique in his zest for life; his insatiable appetite for getting to the heart of things, always asking questions. I loved his intellectual curiosity, his boyish playfulness, his heartfelt laugh, and his joyful led nature. Yet he also had a serious side and was passionate about his work and the people that mattered to him. He was an amazing person, an amazing friend-he was, part of my family. His contribution to the world and the people around him will stand the test of time. I miss him every day, and his passing has left a giant sized hole that will never be filled.”

The Palin camp was hit hard by the loss of McMarlin. Not only are the Palins themselves grieving but those who have worked for the former Alaska governor are particularly shaken. Palin team member Jason Recher, a former Special Assistant to President George W. Bush worked with McMarlin for over 16 years in various capacities all over the world from Alaska to Moscow to London to Hong Kong. He remembers McMarlin as special and unique. “Doug McMarlin wore several hats in my life – friend, groomsman, business partner – but brother is what sums it up best,” Recher said. “Together, we accomplished great things professionally but personally he was always there to serve as a listening ear, a compass, or comedian. Doug McMarlin was an original, one of a kind – he’ll be tremendously missed and never replaced.”

Palin herself is reflecting on her times with McMarlin. “Doug was one of the most talented strategic communicators on the national scene,” Palin told Breitbart News. “His signature touch was a covert, brilliant use of humor and clever sarcasm that alleviated much of the stress in the bizarre situations we’ve encountered. He and a couple more of us always talked about writing a book or screenplay about what our team’s encountered, but I doubt people could even believe most of it! Still, I wish we would have done more than just talk about how we wanted to share some unbelievable times. Doug helped get us through them with grins on our faces, and the rest of America could benefit from what we’ve learned in what we wanted to title, ‘The New Normal’.”

McMarlin’s relationship with Palin and her family dates back to the Mama Grizzly’s historic run on a national ticket.

“Doug started with our team on the ’08 Vice Presidential trail, quickly becoming my and my family’s true friend,” said Palin. “My kids loved him.”

Palin also appreciated McMarlin’s accomplishments before she met him.

“Before that, Doug proved his incredible dedication to public service as a veteran of both Bush 41 & 43 White House teams, and had served in the Ohio Governor’s cabinet,” Palin said. Doug was the resident expert on all-things Buckeye. Working all hours, everyday, across all these time zones in which our small crew operates, Doug kept us informed so we wouldn’t miss a beat… and in fact often let us beat the rapid news cycle. We practiced citizen journalism before citizen journalism was cool! Personally, my family and I will miss Doug tremendously; his laugh, his ability to make everyone else laugh, his love and protection of our children – those gifts can not be replaced.”

Georgia loved Doug McMarlin too. Georgia Godfrey that is. “No matter where we were in the world, I laughed with Doug McMarlin,” said Godfrey, Chief of Staff to Secretary Condoleezza Rice. “Our work was sometimes hard and maddening but Doug, through his wit, taught me to see the humor in everything. Doug was a mentor to me but most importantly, he was my friend — a friend, who will be sorely missed.”

North Carolina State Senator Deanna Ballard worked with McMarlin on various trips with President and Mrs. Bush and Governor Palin dating back to 2003. She remembers all of those trips fondly. “Doug could extinguish any heat in an argument with his quick wit and cheeky smile – he always put others at ease, was fiercely loyal, a team player, always focused on getting the job done and lived with a sincere and genuine affection for people,” Ballard said. “If he were a photograph, he would be seen in the background – not the foreground. He would be standing in a warm light that would complement his rich smile and bright eyes all framed by solid arms that could push anything forward. He would be unassuming by his posture, but never dull in presence because he always lived in color.”

North of the border, McMarlin is missed as well. Jeremy Hunt met McMarlin in 2008 during the North American Leaders’ Summit in New Orleans; the last such meeting hosted by President Bush before he left office. He made quite the impression. Hunt, now the managing director of Harper and Associates; a consulting group former Prime Minister Stephen Harper founded following his departure from public office, told Breitbart News that McMarlin was the real deal.

“Doug was a polished, articulate professional who never pulled a punch or a punch line with me,” Hunt said. “He represented the President of the United States with class and was a tremendous personal ambassador for the American people to our team of Canadian politicos. Those who have worked in campaigns, politics and government know how much easier and enjoyable the work becomes when you undertake it with people who are competent, reliable and funny. Often, you are stuck working with people who have none of these qualities. So when you meet someone like Doug, who has all of this and more, you immediately make note, because they so rarely come along. His loss will be most acutely by his family and loved ones. But make no mistake, conservatives across the U.S. and Canada will feel his loss for years to come as they proceed into electoral battle without his wisdom, insight or experienced counsel.”

Doug McMarlin was a friend of Canada and conservatives the world over. He will be missed by many Canadian conservatives who had the pleasure of working with him and like Hunt, the honor of calling him a friend.

While McMarlin’s work in politics is what he may be best known for, he touched the lives of many in the entertainment industry as well.

Major Nashville public relations executive Kirt Webster is mourning the loss. “I was saddened to hear of the passing of Doug McMarlin,” Webster said. “I had the opportunity and honor to work with Doug on various occasions and he was always the consummate professional. It is not easy, although it might look it sometimes, to handle logistics for government officials with various layers of associates tied to one event, but Doug always made it look easy and with a smile on his face. I worked with Doug on advancing several celebrity campaign events including ones with Hank Williams Jr., Lee Greenwood, and Big & Rich, and adding those logistics to an already hectic schedule was not an easy task. However, our experiences were always first class and without drama. Doug will be missed, not just by his friends in the government sector, but also the entertainment sector.”

High praise is rolling in from all circles. When McMarlin died he was only 48-years old. Too soon for sure, but it’s unanimous that he packed a lot of life into those four-plus decades.

McMarlin played a pivotal role in the Bush 43 era. He was part of the campaign team for both of George W. Bush’s presidential campaigns, managing national media logistics in 2000 and directing major event logistics and media in multiple battleground states in 2004. McMarlin was appointed to the staff of both Presidential Inaugural Committees. Throughout President Bush’s two terms, McMarlin served as one of a select group of individuals who traveled on behalf of Bush in advance of both foreign and domestic mission. He coordinated between the White House, local governments, national press corps, and foreign diplomats and the heads of government and state. McMarlin managed events across the globe and was a key leader in each of Bush’s visits to the United Kingdom, including the historic State Visit of 2003. His resume is one for the books, figuratively and literally. McMarlin created and managed national book tours for Bush as well as Sarah Palin. He was responsible for the public roll out strategy of Palin’s Going Rogue – An American Life and Bush’s Decision Points, the two top-selling non-fiction books of 2009 and 2010. Whatever McMarlin touched was a hit.

The senior vice president of Harper Collins Tina Andreadis remembers McMarlin as a “gorgeous person”.

“He was instrumental in the launch of Sarah Palin’s Going Rogue – and other subsequent projects,” Andreadis said. “His wit, intelligence and humor is unmatched. I miss him dearly.”

She has a lot of company.

While McMarlin was a whiz with media, he interestingly enough was not a fan of social media. At least not for his personal use. Hysterically funny and often loud, McMarlin was also private. He helped others excel in the limelight rather than crave it for himself.

He loved all things British. An Anglophile to the core, McMarlin handled every visit President Bush took to Great Britain – including the State Visit at Buckingham Palace and more private events such as a concert performed by Andrew Lloyd Webber at Winfield House with Ambassador Robert Tuttle.

McMarlin loved music. From Sinatra to Fleetwood Mac, he took his tunes seriously. He consumed both books and movies – and had a titanic sized personal DVD collection.

His main interest was simply knowledge. A walking Trivial Pursuit game, McMarlin knew the most obscure, random, fascinating facts from history.

Above all though, he loved his country, his friends, and his family.

Doug McMarlin is survived by his husband, Nick. Many are reminiscing about the amazing Christmas and Halloween parties the couple would throw. Always concerned for others, McMarlin would make sure everyone at these events was comfortable and having fun. Professionally and personally, the best interests of those around him continued to top his priority list.

Other accomplishments of McMarlin include serving as Director of Government and Public Affairs for one the nation’s largest college financial entities, and serving as a member of the Executive Committee of the U.S. Small Business Administration’s National Advisory Council.

McMarlin held a degree in Journalism with a focus on Advertising and Television Production from The Ohio State University. For his work he appeared on the covers of Time Magazine, New York Times Magazine, and has been featured in New York Magazine, The Washington Post, The New York Times and quoted in various other national media. McMarlin was even featured in Breitbart News. And in true McMarlin style he was somehow able to incorporate the McRib sandwich into a serious political discussion about Donald Trump. What a guy. Now he is forever etched in the hearts of those who loved him.

In 2015, a friend of mine was having major medical problems. She was depressed. Enter Doug McMarlin. He helped to brighten her spirits by sending her a book signed by one of her favorite authors. All I had to do was ask Doug to send it to her. He took care of the rest. That’s the kind of guy he was. A good guy’s good guy if you will.

Doug McMarlin was an accomplished man. He worked for State Senators and former Ohio Governor George Voinovich’s administration. He was a personal aide to former Ohio Republican Party Chairman Bob Bennett. He then skyrocketed on to the national scene. But for all his accomplishments and all his victories, McMarlin will live on in those he knew because he was a caring, good man.

When Tim Russert died in 2008, I remember the outpouring of emotion from so many people. People from all walks of life and all political persuasions mourned the loss of the journalist. Before his death, I knew Russert was popular, but never did I realize the magnitude of the respect and love people had for him until he was gone. Doug McMarlin’s passing has been very similar. The level of which he is missed and really revered by people is truly amazing. A beautiful response toward a man who led a beautiful life.

The world of politics lost a giant in 2016. His friends and family lost so much more. The engaging, funny, gregarious Doug McMarlin will live on however through all of those he impacted. That list is long and glorious.

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January 1, 2017 at 05:20PM

New York City Is The Worst Place In The World To Spend New Years Eve

New York City. The city that never sleeps. The big apple and all that BS. Go to NYC for New Years Eve they said. Number one place in the world to ring in the new year. Watch the ball drop and share a new years kiss with somebody in time square while getting your face on American tv to be broadcasted across the world.

What a crock of shit.

New York City is the worst plce on earth to spend New Years Eve. The absolute worst. It’s hell on earth, if hell froze over into one desolate, cold tundra. Absolute death.

How long are we going to keep the lie going? How long is this gonna continue for? Where we keep lying to ourselves and talking about how nice it is? Don’t lie. You hated it. You hated every, single, waking minute. Do I really wanna pay $12 for fucking chestnuts while my balls are falling off from frostbite? Being stuck outside, thinking you’re going to get to Time Square. That’s never happening. There’s a million other people who had the same idea as you. You think you’re special? You’re not even getting close to Time Square. You just spent half the day trying to get to Time Square and you find out you can’t even get within an eight block radius of it with prior tickets. You’re stuck. You need to pee. You try entering a hotel and find out even going inside is off limits to anyone not a guest there. Shit. You spent 10 minutes wading 30 feet through a crowd of puffy-coated, red faced European tourists who are dying of frostbite just like you. They also need to pee. No one will let the tens of thousands of puffy pee-needing tourists in. They know they can’t.

You wade through crowds trying to find shelter. You’re cold and tired and now survival is setting in. It’s -17 degrees celsius out and feels like -20 celsius with the wind chill. Every arctic gust of wind gets trapped in between the buildings and pierces the faces of all the freezing Europeans. There haven’t been this many Europeans freezing to death away from home since Stalingrad. It’s not funny.

You try a bar, but it’s a private party. They don’t let you in. Neither does the lounge. There are door men everywhere just for people like you. They know what to expect. Keep the tourists out. Let them die in the street.

You turn the corner, losing feeling in your face now, freezing with packs of other survivalists. The street is barricaded off with a dozen police officers dressed like master chief from halo. They won’t let you through. They won’t let anyone through. They crowd becomes desperate as hundreds of thousands freeze to death slowly. NYPD ushers you and the other cattle through barricades to an uncertain fate. NYPD watch towers watch closely overhead with floodlights shining down on you. Keep moving. Don’t stop. Twenty minutes go by and the crowd starts to thin as stragglers slowly drop dead from cold. It’s now -20 celsius. It feels like -50.

You see a taxi that isn’t filled with drunk, half naked socialites leaving the confined elite compounds of the many hotels and lounges around you for the “others,” you know, the ones with the access to the bathrooms. You’re ready to piss your pants and use the urine to stay warm enough to survive.

The taxi driver can take you away, maybe to chelsea or the meat packing district where your friend says he found a bar that is letting outsiders in. You take your chances and go. It’s die there in the streets of midtown or head for the unknown. You choose for the unknown. You enter the cab. There is no heat.

After a six minute drive you arrive to meet your friend, and pay the driver is $85. You get out and go to the bar, stepping over frozen european corpses. A chinese family is eating their fallen grandmother’s corpse and using the flesh for warmth.

You get to the door and the doorman says there is room, but the cover charge is only $240. Fuck New York City. You pay the cover charge and go inside. There is warmth. You have survived.

Heads turn in the dimly lit basement den towards the newcomer in the venue. The female creatures that make up NY on this cold night briefly scan your clothing and determine you to be under the 7 figure minimum required for their attention. They look back at their drinks and go about their business. You don’t care. Tonight your mission is to survive.

You sit at the bar and order vodka on the rocks. $45. Why are you here? Glancing at  your newsfeed you see your friend Chad in Bali, Indonesia drinking coconut milk out of a coconut for $1 in his t-shirt, with two beautiful girls in bikinis sitting by his side. happy new year he says. Fuck you Chad.

What is wrong with people, you ask yourself? Why do they continue to degrade themselves  to this hellish icy wasteland on New Years Eve? You can’t let the Chads of the world know how bad it was. The death. The agony. The pain. You post a selfie on fb too. “Best New Years Ever In NYC.” The world must never know.








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Donald Trump Releases Heartbreaking Announcement About The Ceremony

According to reports, Donald Trump has had such a difficult time finding celebrities to perform at his inauguration, he might have to move forward with a ceremony that is completely void of any A-list performers. Amid pressure from the liberal industry, many performers have had to pass on the opportunity for fear of risking their careers.

According to The Wrap, Trump is so angry that his team has been unable to compile a list that he has ordered a shakeup of his recruiters. Mark Burnett, the producer of Celebrity Apprentice, has hired Suzanne Bender to end the freeze-out. She has formerly worked with shows like Dancing With The Stars and American Idol.
“Trump is very unhappy,” an insider with the Trump team said. “Bender has been tasked with salvaging this… It’s a Hail Mary.”

“It’s coming directly from the principal,” he added, referring to Trump. The source came forward to combat TMZ’s report that Trump is “hardly engaged in the party planning at all.”

So far, the only person confirmed to perform at the event is 16-year-old Jackie Evancho, a former finalist on America’s Got Talent. The list of performers who have rejected offers to perform at the inauguration includes Elton John, country singer Garth Brooks (rumored) and opera star Andrea Bocelli.

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Rosie O’Donnell’s Chickens Have Finally Come Home To Roost

It has been a difficult year for Rosie O’Donnell. After an ongoing battle with Donald Trump and media backlash for attacking a ten year older, it’s been revealed that Rosie’s own daughter refused to celebrate Christmas with her this year.

Rosie posted a picture of herself celebrating Christmas with four of her five children online. Her 19-year-old daughter Chelsea was noticeably missing. Rosie did not mention that in her caption under the pictures of Parker, Blake, Vivienne and Dakota. But she didn’t have to. Her daughter’s own social media posts told the store.

Chelsea reportedly spent Christmas with her new husband Nicholas Alliegro, who posted a photo of themselves together last week.

“Throwback from last Christmas, its been a long crazy year and a lot has happened ups downs in-between lol but I love you Chelsea and there’s NO one I’d rather go through this crazy life with then you I will always have your back no matter what and there’s nothing that could ever get in the way of that ever,” he wrote.

Chelsea responded to his post, also saying it has been filled with “ups and downs.”

Chelsea and Nicholas reportedly got married this past July. Rosie learned of her daughter’s marriage when she called the hospital to check up on her and was informed they could only release the information to her husband.

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Disrespectful Lib Runs Her Mouth At Trump, Learns Very Quickly That Was Huge Mistake

Ever since Donald Trump introduced the idea of being president, the mainstream media has attempted to rip him to shreds. Now, with just weeks until his presidency begins, the media has learned first-hand that he is someone you shouldn’t mess with.

Out of all the corrupt networks, CNN has been the most blatantly against Trump. The hosts clearly believed they could help to sway the election by making him look stupid. Of course, by insisting that Clinton was going to win the election by a landslide, they failed to recognize just how strong her competition really was.

If you’re still not convinced about the media’s bias, check out this video compilation of Trump getting insulted by CNN on live television:

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WATCH: Vandals Twist Arizona Jewish Family’s Menorah Into Swastika

WATCH: Vandals Twist Arizona Jewish Family’s Menorah Into Swastika


TEL AVIV – A Jewish family from Arizona woke up this weekend to find their Hanukkah menorah had been twisted by vandals into the shape of a swastika.

Seeing their neighbors Christmas decorations, Naomi and Seth Ellis’s three children insisted on decorating their home for the Jewish festival, the Washington Post reported. Their parents obliged by erecting an oversize 7-foot menorah outside of their home, made of gold-painted PVC pipe and using solar powered lights.


“Just waking up to see that first thing is kind of rattling,” Seth Ellis told ABC15. “It just makes me sad and it makes me feel sick that’s still how people look at the world in 2016,” he added.

The children did not see what the vandals had done to the menorah but Naomi Ellis said that explaining to her boys, aged five, seven, and nine, what had occurred was difficult.

“I’m still not sure how I will explain this to [my children],” she wrote on Facebook. “I’m not sure I quite understand it myself. … How can people be filled with so much hate and violence? To think that someone would make such an effort to hurt and vandalize a family is downright sickening.”

“We live in a great neighborhood with kind and welcoming neighbors. We never would have imagined that someone would spread so much hate here,” she said.

“We talk a lot about the importance of equality and tolerance, loving everybody no matter what,” she told the Washington Post after speaking with her children. “I had to tell them that not everybody feels that way. Some people are ignorant, and this is what they do.”

“This is the real reality that we live in: People hate us for no reason or want us to feel scared for who we are. That’s not something I wanted to have to tell them,” Naomi told the Post.

Seth and Naomi Ellis spent Friday afternoon putting the menorah back together again.

“You have to put it back up,” Seth Ellis told ABC15 reporter Megan Thompson. “I mean, what kind of statement is it for me not to put it back up, especially for my kids?”

When asked what he would do if the new menorah was also vandalized, Seth answered he would go about rebuilding it again: “As many times as I have to.”

The Ellis family invited their community to attend a Hanukkah lighting ceremony of the new menorah at their home.

No arrests have been made.

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via Breitbart News

January 1, 2017 at 05:10PM