Carey was noticeably annoyed as she stood by herself on stage (left), before she asked a dancing to lift her leg (right)

( Daily Mail ) Mariah Carey lashed out during her botched New Year’s Eve performance, after the wrong lip-sync track played when she took the stage. The diva stormed around the stage, repeatedly asking for the monitors to be turned on, before trying to rescue her set by dancing briefly.

However, she didn’t last long, and then said into her microphone: ‘I’m trying to be a good sport here.’ She then remained on stage as one more song played, before walking off in a huff. There had been panic all day when the star’s team appeared not to be aware of the world renowned ball-dropping ceremony.

When producers asked what time she would arrive, Carey’s people replied, ‘What time exactly does the ball drop?’ Amid all the diva drama, New Year’s Eve revelers – many donning oversized 2017 eyeglasses and green Statue of Liberty hats – filled the iconic square on Saturday hours before the glittering crystal ball was to drop. Officials estimated as many as a million celebrants would descend upon the Crossroads of the World, braving cold temperatures and strong winds to ring in the New Year amid heavy police protection.


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Mariah Carey has stormed off stage after she lashed out during her botched New Year's Eve performance, after the wrong lip-sync track played




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January 1, 2017 at 10:23AM

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