Breaking: Obama’s approval rating sinks lower than Putin’s as 2017 begins.

Vladimir Putin is now far more popular than Barack Obama, according to the latest polls from VTSIOM and Gallup, showing that amongst Americans and Russians, Putin is proving more popular than the disgraced outgoing Obama.


In Russia, Putin is getting a staggering 86% approval rating.


Russian President Vladimir Putin’s approval rating has risen 1 percent from November, reaching 86.8 percent which is the highest recorded in 2016, reports the state-run Russian Center for Public Opinion Research (VTSIOM).

In the report released on Thursday, the agency noted that the only higher rating Putin has achieved was registered only in December 2014 – back then it reached 89 percent. The share of respondents who said that they trusted the president was at 62.1 percent, a slight rise from 61.3 percent a week ago, trending upwards from the 59.2 percent recorded in early December.

And it’s not just in Russia. In America, Putin is more popular than Obama among Republicans and independents. Yikes.


For December, Obama received at least a 50 percent approval rating in all 16 polls compiled by Real Clear Politics and finished with an average of 53.1 percent. Obama’s disapproval rating dipped as low as 36 percent in one poll this month but his December average was 42.3 percent.



Meanwhile, Trump is beating Obama handily in both Russia and the US:

Trump’s approval rating is now higher than Obamas. Media silent.

Breaking: 2017 begins with Trump having a higher approval rating than Obama, Dems PANIC

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January 1, 2017 at 06:16AM

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