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Will Trump administration simply continue Obama’s policy in Syria?

There is a serious confusion about statements made yesterday by the Trump administration. It sets the fight against ISIS as the top priority and no longer demands an immediate leaving of Bashar Assad as the Syrian president. Reports try to sell this as a new position. But it is not new at all.

The U.S. Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley


a “change of priorities”:

“You pick and choose your battles and when we’re looking at this, it’s about changing up priorities and our priority is no longer to sit there and focus on getting Assad out,” U.S. Ambassador Nikki Haley told a small group of reporters.

Secretary of State Tillerson


that position:

U.S. Secretary of State Rex Tillerson, speaking in Ankara on Thursday, said Assad’s longer-term status “will be decided by the Syrian people.”

Southfront headlines the Haley talk as

‘Assad Must Not Go’

. The International Business Times


about those statements:

The United States has announced a shift in its diplomatic policy on Syria and is no longer insisting that its president Bashar al-Assad be removed as the head of the war-torn country.

In a clear departure from the Obama administration’s stance on Assad, and against EU policy, the US is now moving its focus to its battle with Isis.

But the Trump administration statements are not new at all. The “announced” positions were established under Obama:

President Barack Obama spent a significant portion of his final State of the Union speech discussing the fight against the terrorist group ISIS.

Obama said that fighting ISIS (also known as the Islamic State, ISIL, or Daesh) and other terrorists is the top priority of his administration.

Also in January 2016 then Secretary of State Kerry


a similar wording as Tillerson used now:

“It’s up to the Syrians to decide what happens to Assad,” Kerry said. “They are the negotiators and they will decide the future.””It’s up to the Syrians to decide what happens to Assad,” Kerry said. “They are the negotiators and they will decide the future.”

There is no change of policy. The top priority has been and will be for a while the fight against ISIS.

The U.S. will use this to occupy the eastern parts of Syria.

When ISIS is suppressed enough to no longer be an immediate issue the removal of Assad will again become a top priority.

That Assad’s position will be “decided by the Syrian people” is just obfuscating as long as it is not said WHICH Syrian people are HOW to decide over it.

The War On Syria will go on until the U.S. really changes its positions and until the Wahhabi oil sheiks stop their financing of their various Takfiri mercenaries – be they ISIS, al-Qaeda or whatever name they want to apply.

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Video: ISIS Collapsed in Eastern Aleppo

Pro-government forces, led by the Syrian Arab Army (SAA) Tiger Forces, have fully expelled ISIS terrorists from the area east of the Khanasir-Ithriyah road. Initially, the Tiger Forces took control over the entire Ithriyah-Resafa road, including the Habbari oil field and nearby points. Then, after a series of firefights with ISIS terrorists, government troops cleared the remaining ISIS-held pocket in eastern Aleppo.
With this advance, the SAA shortened the frontline with ISIS in the area and got a useful supply line to its strong point of Resafa. In the current situation, government forces will likely develop momentum against ISIS terrorists east of Salamiyah. If the SAA and its allies secure the road between Salamiyah and Palmyra, they will further shorten the frontline and repel any possible ISIS counter-attack on the Tiyas Airbase that may threaten the supply lines of government forces operating against ISIS east of Palmyra.

Faylaq Al-Rahman has followed the White House’s advice and blamed the Syrian government for using chemical weapons against its members in the Eastern Ghouta region near Damascus. The militant group accused the SAA of using chlorine gas at the Ayn Tarma front after it had failed to advance in the area. Faylaq Al-Rahman said that 30 of its fighters were poisoned and added that the SAA once again used chlorine at the Zamalka front north Ayn Tarma. The Syrian Defense Ministry released a statement denying those claims and saying these reports are a pure propaganda.
In late June, the White House launched a large-scale media campaign preparing public opinion for further attacks against the Syrian government. The Trump administration claimed that it had some secret evidence that the Assad government was preparing for a chemical weapons attack in the country. The UK and France added that they would support any US military action against Syria.
The US-backed Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) captured Hussainiya and Kasrat Mohamed Ali, and advanced on Ratlah in the southern Raqqah countryside. The US-backed force expanded its operations in the area after it failed to weed out the ISIS resistance inside Raqqah despite a desperate bombing campaign by the US-led coalition. The SDF is attempting to enter the Old Raqqah area, but this is a complicated task because clashes in al-Sinaa and Rawdah are still ongoing. ISIS claimed that 74 SDF fighters have been killed and 12 others wounded by its snipers so far in the city.
The US Marines have released a video showing its artillery unit supporting the SDF advance in Raqqah. Some people suggested that the video allows seeing alleged phosphorus shells prepared for usage.
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R. Kelly reportedly trapping young women in a ‘cult’

BuzzFeed News has reported that a handful of parents are accusing R. Kelly of keeping their daughters against their will.


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Disgusting BART a Predictable Product of Failing Progressive Politics

Disgusting BART a Predictable Product of Failing Progressive Politics

by Samuel Chi15 Jul 20170 15 Jul, 2017
15 Jul, 2017

BART is literally falling apart amidst a pile of excrement.
Originally opened in 1972, Bay Area Rapid Transit was once the envy of all public transportation agencies all across the United States. With its futuristic trains traveling at high speeds connecting various points of the East Bay and the peninsula to Downtown San Francisco, BART trains via the Transbay Tube gave San Francisco Bay area commuters a fast and inexpensive alternative to the always-gridlocked Bay Bridge and highways.

But fast forward four decades, the transit system is now an abhorrent mess. Its trains are aging and dirty. Many of its stations reek of stench from urine and human feces. And in certain areas the trains are downright dangerous, as teenage gangs blithely attack and rob defenseless passengers without any repercussions.
On Thursday, members of BART’s board of directors took a field trip after their biweekly meeting to “tour” the Powell Street Station in Downtown San Francisco. According to a report in the San Francisco Chronicle, the group was greeted by a fresh puddle of urine, homeless people sleeping in hallways, intravenous drug users, dirty floors, and elevators and escalators used regularly as restrooms.
This should really be nothing new to the overseers of BART, which in recent years have become another victim of Bay Area’s failed progressive politics:

Allowed to unionize, BART operators have gone on strikes several times, the most recent in 2013, as wages skyrocketed for union members. To offset the labor cost, BART is now one of the most expensive transit systems in the world with train operators making more money than many of its riders.
San Francisco and surrounding communities’ permissiveness toward vagrancy and homelessness has contributed to the deteriorating conditions of many stations. Most of the elevators in Downtown San Francisco stations are now inoperable as their mechanisms are destroyed by urine and human excrement after years of neglect.
Stations in Oakland, meanwhile, have been the scene of marauding teenage gangs, but their activities have largely been unchecked by BART police. In fact, BART is actively trying to bury the crime statistics. In a leaked July 7 memo, BART management defended such practice because it feared that the reports would “unfairly affect and characterize riders of color.”

While what those board members saw — and smelled — at the Powell Street Station ought to shock them, chances are nothing will be done to substantively “fix” BART. To do so would require a certain amount of political will to enforce laws that simply runs counter to Bay Area’s progressivism. Since San Francisco is a self-declared sanctuary city that won’t even cooperate with federal agents to arrest criminal illegal aliens, it can’t be expected to crack down on much of anything or anyone.

As if on cue, that’s exactly the response from San Francisco’s politicians during BART directors’ tour: They made it clear homeless people can’t just be thrown out of the stations.
“We’ll talk with them, work with them,” said Scott Walton, manager of emergency outreach and services for the city’s Department of Homelessness and Supportive Housing.
And presumably, also clean up after them.

Follow Samuel Chi on Twitter @ThePlayoffGuru.


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