Watch: Road Rage Footage Shows Motorcyclist Kick Car Before Scary Crash

Watch: Road Rage Footage Shows Motorcyclist Kick Car Before Scary Crash

22 Jun, 2017
22 Jun, 2017

A road rage crash in Southern California turned into a scary chain-reaction crash and left an innocent person hospitalized Wednesday, says a KTLA report.

The crash took place southbound 14 Freeway near Newhall in Santa Clarita around 6 a.m. According to the person who shot the video, it happened after the sedan inadvertently cut the motorcyclist off.

In response, the witness said the biker kicked the side of the sedan.

The sedan veered left, running the motorcycle into the center divider wall. Then the car swerved and banged into the wall before swerving right and running into a Chevy Avalanche, which flipped over.

The motorcyclist continued on its way.

The Avalanche driver was taken to a hospital and is expected to recover, while police are searching for more information on the motorcyclist.

Officials are investigating the incident as a road rage incident and a possible hit-and-run.

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$50 million boxing tourney announces quarterfinal matchups

The World Boxing Super Series has announced the quarterfinal matchups for its upcoming tournaments in the super middleweight and cruiserweight divisions


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Saudi Arabia Massacres Its Own People, Media Silent

Saudi Arabia Massacres Its Own People, Media Silent
July 9, 2017
Edmondo Burr
Middle East, News

Saudi forces have imposed a devastating siege on the Shiite town of Awamiya in Al-Qatif, an urban area of Eastern Province, Saudi Arabia.
For the past two months Saudi Arabia has responded to its Shiite citizens’ call for basic human rights by shelling and attacking buildings with bombs, arresting religious minorities and setting up barricades to control free movement.
Geopolitics Alert reports:
These photos aren’t from Yemen, they’re from the Saudi Arabian eastern town of Awamiya. Where Saudi forces are waging war against an oppressed shia minority. Saudi Arabia adheres to the extreme fundamentalist and intolerant sect of Wahhabism. Making it the country’s religious majority. This ideology is also enforced through state tactics. Which make it illegal to publicly carry out any religious practice or teaching that conflicts with Wahhabism. Even other Muslims (especially Shiites) are considered infidels by the Saudi government. And thus, all religious minorities in Saudi Arabia remain an extremely oppressed group; often lacking the same health care, public services, and wages granted to their Wahhabi counterparts; if not facing death.
While the majority of Saudi citizens adhere to Wahhabi principles, many towns in the eastern province of Qatif– like Awamiya– hold a Shia majority. Where they’ve been essentially doomed to live in “ghettos” as second class citizens. But the Saudi oppression of Shiites and other religious minorities goes way beyond just economic devastation. In fact for the past two months Saudi forces have held Awamiya under siege, destroyed buildings with bombs and shelling, and set up barricades to control free movement. This is likely a response to Shia citizens calling for basic human rights.

In videos posted to social media, it looks like Saudi security forces are using white phosphorus to drive-out citizens from their homes. Residents also report that Saudi forces are shelling homes and buildings with .50 caliber weapons. In one instance, a building was set on fire and Saudi police refused to allow firetrucks to pass through the barricades.
It’s been confirmed that a number of people have died as a result of gunfire. But it’s unclear exactly what the death toll could be since Saudi Arabia severely restricts media access. When the Saudi-run state media are reporting the numbers, they surely can’t be trusted.
Of course, instead of reporting on the Saudis brutal repression, mainstream media has framed the story (in the few articles available) as though the Saudi security forces are simply clashing with an armed Shiite “militant” uprising. Which ultimately places the Saudi security forces in the “good guy” category just simply trying to keep order.

This however completely whitewashes the fact that the Shiite population in Saudi Arabia has been brutally repressed since the Kingdom’s formation. It also completely ignores the fact that the Saudis are using American-supplied weapons to kill their own people. Which if we look at Syria, this was supposedly the west’s entire reason for their intervention against Bashar al-Assad. “Assad is bombing his own people” the headlines still read to this day.
The happenings in Qatif only further demonstrate not only the Saudis’ intolerant disregard for human life, but also their genocidal tendencies as they move further towards an apartheid state within their own borders.
Credit: Facebook
Judge Reverses Decision To Release Evidence of Saudi 9/11 Funding

BA Economics/StatisticsCEOAssistant Editor Latest posts by Edmondo Burr (see all)

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Deep-State Martial Law Crackdown Will Enlist Local Police to Enforce

The awake and and aware of us completely understand the dormant plans for martial law and widespread FEMA camp detentions. Old documents, such as REX 84 to the newer documents, Army FM 39.4, make it clear that trouble is on the way. However, and until now, martial law and the potential for mass roundups was solely under the jurisdiction and participation of the Federal government. However, there is a dramatic sea change taking place with regard to martial law only being a Federal endeavor. It no longer is just a federal endeavor, we are seeing signs that martial law is going local.
What these events tell us, is that the 10th Amendment and local rule will soon be coming to an end.
Consider these 3 stories, which point to Federal martial law capabilities at the local level of government. The following 3 stories involve random assassination of potential protestors, random and extreme unconstitutional full-body searches and the use of weaponized drones to enforce the “new laws”. And enforcement is performed by local authorities.
After reading this article, it will be difficult to conclude that this is anything but the Deep-State recruiting the sound of millions of marching feet to enforce the coming martial law crackdown.
Snipers On the Roof at Football Games
In an absolutely insane turn of events, a member of the Arkansas State Representatives,  Charlie Collins, has said he wants sniper teams deployed at college football games.   He has said that he want snipers on the roof at home football games in order to keep people safe from harm.
When Collins was queried about the reality of actually having snipers on the roof at the University of Arkansas’ football stadium, Collins told KARK: ‘Count on it.’
Collins is not a total flake. He does support HB 1249 which allows concealed-carry on public spaces in Arkansas. Interesting dichotomy on his contradictory positions.
Ft. Disney Goes TSA On Its Patrons
Beginning today, April 3, 2017, to board the monrail to go to Disney, one must submit to a full body grope, TSA-style search, is performed prior to reaching the theme park entrance. This includes boarding the park’s monorails, buses and ferryboats.
Because the theme park’s metal detectors have been moved to the transportation center and ticketing, all hotel guests will also go through TSA-type groping. The theme park will utilize private contractors to carry out this abuse of the public.
It is a complete mystery why anyone would subject themselves to such tyranny.  I will never go to a Disney them park again. However, there are indeed millions of sheep that will submit to this East German Stasi-style security because they “have nothing to hide”.
Connecticut Allowing Deadly Drones for Local Police Use
The subtitle is correct in that Connecticut is moving to allow the police use weaponized drones for local police enforcement. The bill allows the police to stet their own procedural standards which is essentially handing the police a blank check. North Dakota has a similar law.

“We have huge concerns that they would use this new technology to abuse our communities…we have received calls from around the country from NAACP officials and others concerned about the Connecticut legislation.” said Scot X. Esdaile, president of state chapter of the NAACP.

Once this comes into play, all the states will follow suit. If you have seen the TV series, Colony, which portrays the epitome of a police state, then you already have the mental image on how the drones will be used. They will be used to enforce dusk to dawn curfews and no-go zones.
Needless to say, this is a very disturbing development and marks a low-point for police-community relations.
Josh Coy and Dave Hodges Interview
If one were familiar with the nature of the interview and the followup to the threat on Coy’s life, this would raise further concerns about allowing states to go forward with the localization of extreme martial law practices within their communities. To read about this very concerning series of events, please click here. And what was the theme of this interview? The topics discussed were a potential 2 million person FEMA Camp in Alaska that is experimenting with behavioral modification techniques in order to create a hive mentality, via Project HAARP.
Recently, I interviewed Paul Martin ( about these three cases…

In the past few weeks, I have received a number of concerning reports regarding predatory local law enforcement practices coming into play. This article chose to display three of the more concerning events in this area.
The task of subjugating a nation and incarcerating millions during a Deep-State purge would need millions of people and related equipment to enforce the tyranny. This means that the Feds would do a reach-down to local authorities in order to secure the manpower necessary to carry out the purge.
Can there be any doubt this is how the Deep-State is choosing to bridge the manpower and equipment gap in order to achieve a police-state style control?

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