Man Arrested for Allegedly Kidnapping Family and Forcing Them to Take Him Shopping at Target

Man Arrested for Allegedly Kidnapping Family and Forcing Them to Take Him Shopping at Target

22 Jun, 2017
22 Jun, 2017

A North Carolina man has been arrested for allegedly kidnapping a family and forcing them to take him shopping at Target.

The Durham Police arrested Rollin Anthony Owens Jr., 29, for crimes involving guns, robbery, kidnapping, and more for the June 20 incident, WBAL reported.

Police allege that Owens knocked on the door of a West End home at around 7 a.m., drew a gun, and forced the family inside to drive him to a local convenience store. He then allegedly forced the family–a mother, father, and two children–to drive him to Target to shop.

One of the family members managed to ask a Target employee to call the police. Officers arrived at the Target store at about 8:30 a.m. and arrested Owens without incident.

The robbery Tuesday was only one of several attributed to Owens, who is suspected in two other armed robberies in as many days.

Owens was booked into Durham County Jail with a $1 million bond. His first court date was June 21.

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Even the most stolidly oblivious of the mainstream legacy media has noticed that the Left has turned on the Jews:

Last weekend, organizers of a gay pride parade in Chicago ejected three people carrying pride flags emblazoned with a Jewish Star of David. Subsequent bizarre statements attempting to rationalize their action, claiming that Zionism is “an inherently white supremacist ideology” only exacerbated the sense that the organizers were deaf to the concerns of the Jewish community and engaged in anti-Semitism — denying Jews the same rights that were extended to other participants, basically to celebrate their identities as Jewish queer women.
…Last summer, a plank in the platform of the Movement for Black Lives bizarrely accused Israel of genocide.
Linda Sarsour, a leader of the women’s rights movement, has lambasted Zionism as incompatible with feminism and advocates for the exclusion of pro-Israel Jews from activist groups. And some in the anti-Israel movement have accused Israel of “pink-washing,” claiming that Israel and its supporters celebrate freedoms enjoyed by the LGBTQ community in Israel to divert attention from Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

Amerika has noticed this for years, and has differentiated between Leftist opposition to Jews and Rightist opposition to Jews. In the Leftist version, Jews are wealthy, therefore elite and privileged and the Leftist theory of class warfare justifies attacking them. On the Right, Jews are viewed as outsiders who act in self-interest, which clashes with the self-interest of the national population.
The Left is comprised of people in the grips of an ancient human tendency to scapegoat others for their problems. These, when emboldened by finding other individualists and forming a collective together, then enforce their vision on the rest of us. It consists of one idea, “equality,” which means taking from the thriving to give to the failing as a way of ostensibly ending class warfare through class pacifism, when in fact is is merely another weapon of those who wage class warfare, who are always on the bottom attempting to remove those above them.


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