Casey Anthony’s lawyer reveals disturbing information about Caylee Anthony’s death

Cheney Mason, one of Casey Anthony’s lawyers, discussed on Friday the events surrounding the death of two-year-old Caylee Anthony at LawNewz Network with Jesse Weber.

During the interview, Mason noted that Casey blacked out over the details of her daughter Caylee’s death.

Asking Mason how it’s possible that no one knows after all of these years what really happened to Caylee, Mason replied, “I believe that Casey’s mind, in some dimension, I guess the common word would say ‘snapped.’ She didn’t go crazy by any means — but blackout — completely a blackout — of what went on and what happened.”

Earlier in the interview, Mason detailed that he believed Casey, who was accused — and acquitted — of first-degree murder, aggravated manslaughter of a child, and aggravated child abuse — retreated to what he referred to as “Casey World” during the time of her daughter Caylee’s death and afterward, to boot.

“Casey, as we established with an expert witness at the end of the trial, grieved and comprehended differently than anyone else what happened. She went into what I call ‘Casey World.’ She shut it out,” Mason explained to Weber.

He added, “She didn’t know what she was doing or what she was saying. She knows she did not do this.”

Mason was adamant that Casey was “close to, bonded to, and loved that child,” noting that Caylee lacked for nothing and was never abused.

He added that Casey “snapped” when a testimony from a grief counselor was entered before the court.

“When that testimony came out, I was sitting next to her, and I don’t remember whether I had my arm on her shoulder or was just holding her hand there while that testimony was going on, but she started shaking, and shivering, and she cried,” he said. “All the time I’ve known her, and all the times I’ve seen her, I had never seen this. It was clear to me — my personal opinion — that it was the first time she consciously was actually aware that her daughter had died.”

In 2016, private investigator Dominic Casey alleged that Casey paid her lawyer in sexual favors.

The private investigator claimed that Casey’s attorney, Baez, hired him onto the case days after the mom was arrested in July 2008.

“Baez had told me that Casey had murdered Caylee and dumped the body somewhere, and he needed all the help he could get to find the body before anyone else did,” Casey alleged.

Claiming that Baez and Casey had a representation-for-sex agreement, the investigator said that he left Casey’s legal team in 2008.

Meter reader Roy Kronk discovered Caylee’s body in the woods near her grandparents’ home December of 2008.

Anthony was convicted of lying to police but was acquitted of murder in 2011. She filed for bankruptcy in 2013.

See the segment in the video below.

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Syria: The Alternet Grayzone of smug turncoats

Max Blumenthal is a well connected and known author who has done work on the Palestinian cause from a somewhat leftish perspective. He is also an arrogant and ignorant showman.
Blumenthal currently edits the Alternet Grayzone project. In their recent writings he and his co-writers profess to dislike the al-Qaeda led opposition in Syria. Yet it is exactly the same opposition they earlier vehemently supported.
Yesterday the Real News Network interviewed Blumethal on his recent piece about CNN’s al-Qaeda promotion. The headline: Max Blumenthal on How the Media Covers Syria. During the interview Blumenthal laments the failure of progressive media on Syria:
In my opinion, they have abrogated their mission, which should be to challenge mainstream narratives and particularly imperial narratives on issues like Syria. I understand there are massive human rights abuses by the Syrian government, but that’s not reason enough to not explore what the West’s agenda, the Gulf agenda is for that country, what the consequences are, to actually get into the geopolitical issues. Instead, we’ve seen Democracy Now propagate generally a regime change narrative.
I don’t believe they actually have a line on Syria. It’s more a fear of actually taking on the official line. I haven’t found a single article in the Intercept challenging the regime change line on Syria.
Blumenthal is outraged, OUTRAGED, that "progressive" media peddle the Syria conflict along "the official line".

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Shep Smith explodes over Russian meeting: ‘The deception… is mind-boggling!’

Shepard Smith blew up at the Trump administration during his show when another revelation about the Russian meeting in June 2016 broke into the headlines, apparently contradicting Donald Trump Jr.’s that the whole story was out. He made the comments Friday on Fox News while speaking with Chris Wallace.
“The emails, well in fact, this was supposed to be,” Wallace said, “and what the Trump folks took the meeting to accomplish was the Russian government trying to give information about Hillary Clinton as part of an effort to swing the election to Donald Trump. So, you know you’re exactly right, we’ve been told a variety of stories. We’ve gotten – and who knows if we’ve even gotten to the end of the story, we’ve only got to the end of the story with the emails.”
“I know that we haven’t,” Smith said, “I know that we haven’t because there’s news breaking at this moment, Chris.”
“Fox News can now confirm,” Smith said dramatically turning to the camera. “New, more, Donald Trump Jr., Jared Kushner, Paul Manafort, the lawyer from Russia, the interpreter, this new guy we found about today, and a mystery person. John Roberts confirms there was an eighth person in that meeting.”
“We don’t know there may have been more but there was an eighth,” he added.
“Jared Kushner filled out his form, I think it’s an F-86,” Smith explained, “saying who he had met with and what he’d done. Very important stuff, you can go to prison for messing it up, y’know, intentionally.”
“He went back and added one hundred names and places,” he continued. “None of these people made it. They – we’re still not clean on this, Chris, if there’s nothing there, and that’s what they tell us, they tell us there’s nothing to this, nothing came of it, there’s a nothing-burger, it wasn’t memorable, didn’t write it down, didn’t tell ya about it because it wasn’t anything so I didn’t even remember it!”
“With a Russian interpreter in the room at Trump Tower,” he added sarcastically.
“If all of that, why all these lies?” Smith demanded. “Why is it lie after lie after lie? If you’re clean, come on clean! Y’know?”
“My grandmother used to say, ‘Oh what a tangled web we weave when first we practice to deceive,’” he said, paraphrasing a Shakespeare verse.

“The deception, Chris, is mind-boggling!” He exclaimed. “And there are still people out there who believe we’re making it up. And one day they’re gonna realize we’re not, and look around and go, where are we and why are we getting told all these lies.”
“You know, I don’t know what to say,” Wallace responded, almost speechless. I think there’s a lot of truth to everything that you’ve said.”
On Friday it was discovered that the meeting in June 2016 with Trump Jr. and other Trump associates with a Russian lawyer also included a Russian-born lobbyist who is said to have had counter-intelligence experience in Russia, and two unidentified persons. Critics have taken this to show that Trump Jr. had not being completely upfront about all the details of the controversial meeting.
President Trump said that he was proud of the transparency of his son for divulging the emails about the meeting.

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Democrats Claim We Are Already At War With Russia

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