After Biden Receives Pres Medal Of Freedom, Brit Hume UNLOADS Like We’ve Never Seen Before

This was the unkindest cut of all.

Liberals in the mainstream media slipped into swooning mode this week when outgoing President Barack Obama decided to bestow the Medal of Freedom on Vice President Joe Biden, but journalists who’ve been watching the Obama White House for years had a different reaction entirely.

And none of them summed up the situation better than Fox News’ Brit Hume, whose acid-tongued Twitter posting had social media conservatives crying with laughter.

And it nailed the pretentious impotence of the Obama years perfectly.

Does it get any better than that? Obama got his Nobel Peace Prize in 2009 for literally nothing. Not only was 2009 the year he was sworn in, he’d only held the post for 12 days by the time the nomination window closed for prizes that year, according to Fox News report from the time.

Meanwhile, according to CNN, Biden had absolutely no idea the medal was coming. “I don’t deserve this,” he told Obama.

If the vice president has said a more truthful thing in the past eight years, it would be tough to think of. The man has done literally nothing to advance the cause of freedom – though keeping his heart beating for the sake of presidential continuity deserves some credit.

(Think about it. If Obama had somehow passed from the scene between 2008 and 2010, Nancy Pelosi would have been right behind Biden in the order of succession. Compared to Crazy Nancy, Creepy Uncle Joe is a bargain.)

And this wasn’t just any old presidential Medal of Freedom. There are some big winners for science and philanthropy, of course, but in the Obama Era, fame and a fat checkbook open to Democrat candidates is as good a way of winning one as any. This year alone, other recipients have included actors Tom Hanks, Robert DeNiro, as well as comedienne Ellen DeGeneres and rock star Bruce Sprinsteen. All good, famous, rich Democrats.

What Obama gave Biden was a Medal of Freedom “with distinction,” a class of the medal previously won by only three people, Pope John Paul II (now a saint), former President Ronald Reagan, and former General and Secretary of State Colin Powell. Can even the craziest liberal pretend Joe Biden belongs in that kind of company?

Social media commenters had a blast with Hume’s observation, which was trending on into the afternoon on Friday.

It was tough to resist.

Well, if Hillary’s up next with a pardon, she’s going to have to jump the line.

Bowe Bergdahl, the suspected Army deserter who was actually promoted to sergeant after leaving his unit in the face of the enemy in Afghanistan in 2009, is looking for a presidential pardon before his case goes to trial. (Considering President-elect Donald Trump has made his feelings clear about the case, Bergdahl might feel like he doesn’t have a choice. Of course, he could have chosen to stay with his comrades at the front, too.)

Then there’s Bradley “Call Me Chelsea” Manning for stealing thousands of diplomatic cables to get them published on WikiLeaks. Manning is trying to get Obama to commute his 35-year prison sentence to time served, according to The New York Times.

Considering that would amount to about a 90 percent reduction in Manning’s sentence, it would be a pretty sweet deal for the imprisoned private.

But Obama can give the presidential Medal of Freedom “with distinction” to Joe Biden, a man who’s done virtually nothing but be wrong on every foreign and domestic policy question he’s faced in 40 years of federal office, a vice president who’s promised everything from saving the middle class to (laughably) overseeing the search for a cure for cancer, and delivered absolutely nothing.

In the final days of the Obama presidency, anything’s possible.

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January 13, 2017 at 11:11PM

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