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Popular Transgender YouTuber Changes Name To Distance Themselves From ‘The Other Milo’

Popular Transgender YouTuber Changes Name To Distance Themselves From ‘The Other Milo’

by Lucas Nolan1 Apr 20170 1 Apr, 2017
1 Apr, 2017

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERA transgender YouTube star, who previously went by the name Milo Stewart, has changed their name to avoid confusion with Milo Yiannopoulos.
In a video titled “Letting Go Of Milo” the YouTube star announced that she would now be going by the name Quinby Stewart to avoid confusion with “the other Milo” who Stewart repeatedly refers to as “Milo Minneapolis” throughout the video, whether this is done in an attempt to mock MILO or if the YouTube star really does lack basic reading comprehension is anyone’s guess.SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER
“I guess I’ve been growing exceedingly tired of being called Milo because of the obvious comparison that a lot of people like to make online between me and another person who is called Milo,” said Stewart in the video. Stewart then discusses how she must change her name to save her own mental health, “I chose my name not knowing who Milo Minneapolis was,” she continues, “When my YouTube videos started getting exposed to anti-feminist communities people would comment things about the other Milo.”
“It’s not a great thing for my mental health to have that associated with my name,” says Stewart. The video now has 32,000 views and nearly 3,000 dislikes in comparison to the 516 likes the video has received. One YouTube commenter called Stewart out on the pronunciation of MILO’s name, “Regardless of how you feel about him, I would respect you a lot more if you bothered to pronounce his name correctly,” they said. While another user questioned how hard Stewart’s life really is saying, “She obviously doesn’t have any REAL problems to worry about like getting a job, education, money.”

Watch Quinby Stewart’s full video, “Letting Go Of Milo” below.

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This Will Make Your Heart Sink! Explosive: The Jewish Lobby Surrounding Trump: Should Christians be Concerned? (Dynamite Video)

First, I support Israel and I pray for the Jews. The Bible tells us that we must support Israel and I follow that teaching. Aside from that, I am 1/4 Israeli with Irish-German making up the rest of my heritage. I am a born again Christian. I have nothing against Israeli’s or Jews.
When I first read the title to the following video, I was skeptical but I listened to it so that I would know whether to continue my subscription to Shiela Zilinsky’s YouTube account or not. After listening to the video below, I will indeed continue following Sheila, a sister in the Lord Jesus Christ. She is a diligent & outspoken soldier for the Lord Jesus Christ.
I must add something that is not addressed in the video: Mr. Trump refuses to say if he has asked for forgiveness.  We are not called to be ‘fruit’ inspectors but Mr. Trumps silence on his salvation is alarmingly loud. I’m just saying ….
Is Mr. Trump aware of what is happening behind the scenes with his Jewish relationships?  I urge you to listen to this entire revealing video!
#neverHillary #maga #proIsrael #proLife #AmericaFirst #noGlobalism

From Sheila Zilinsky
EXPLOSIVE! NEW! Trump & The Jews- Should Christians Be Concerned?- John Torell
Pastor Torell joins Sheila to discuss the Jewish lobby surrounding Trump. 

How to Escape the Hell and Doom that’s Fast Approaching!

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Trump Plans to Sign Repeal of Obama-Era Broadband Rules on Internet Privacy

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERPresident Donald Trump plans to sign a bill to repeal Obama-era broadband privacy rules.
Republicans in Congress revoked the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) privacy rule against strong opposition from Democrats who regard the rule as essential for consumer privacy. Conservatives call the law duplicitous and unnecessary. Republicans and telecom industry groups argue that the Federal Trade Commission (FTC), not the FCC, traditionally protected consumer privacy.SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTER
The privacy bill would repeal regulations adopted in October by the FCC under the Obama administration. The regulation required internet services providers (ISPs) to protect consumer data more stringently than content providers such as Google and Facebook. The FCC required internet providers to obtain consumer consent before using location data, financial information, health, information, and web history for advertising.
Breitbart News spoke with Phil Kerpen, president of American Commitment, about his organization’s opposition to the FCC’s broadband privacy rule. Kerpen told Breitbart News that the criticism against removing this regulation is unwarranted.

“This is a deliberate disinformation campaign from the usual suspects from the tech-left and the media, and they’re completely misrepresenting the issue, and the conservatives are falling for the fake news narrative,” he told Breitbart News. “Up until 2015, the FTC protected consumer privacy, and then the FCC Net Neutrality order eviscerated the consumer protections at the FTC by pre-empting FTC’s jurisdiction. The FCC then came around and hammered ISP’s with draconian regulations that do not apply to Google or Facebook.”
“This is especially concerning, considering they have considerably more access to your personal data than Comcast or Verizon,” Kerpen explained. “It’s insane that Google and Facebook have a near duopoly in the advertising game and they have less stringent rules in terms of what they can do with your private information.”
The president of the American Commitment said that Google is trying to rig the system against ISPs. “Google has this whole array of left-leaning groups defending their favorite regulations that put them in their favor,” he claimed. “If you recall Gigi Sohn, the counselor to former Chairman Tom Wheeler, resigned from the FCC and she’s now at the Open Society Institute, and she’s working with George Soros, and they’re pushing a lot of money to these narratives. There’s a reason that former Chairman Wheeler waited until the last possible minute to institute these regulations. They knew these were very easy headlines to write, such as ‘Republicans in Congress Undo Privacy Rules’ specifically to create this distortion campaign to make it harder to get rid of Net Neutrality.”

Kerpen added, “This whole fight against the ISPs is a sideshow, by far the biggest threat to consumer privacy is Google that has trackers on over 60 percent of all websites. Google owns YouTube, and they have trackers everywhere, and they’ve shifted the focus of the debate to issues that don’t regulate Google.”
Katie McAuliffe, executive director of Digital Liberty, told Breitbart News, “This is nothing more than another Obama-era regulation that needs to be removed.”
McAuliffe told Breitbart News that this broadband rule was another power grab by the Obama-era FCC. She said, “Obama’s FCC broadband rule was a power grab under the guise of privacy.”