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WATCH: What’s the One Thing to Do Every Day? Deepak Chopra Explains

The author and integrative medicine expert says the answers to health and wellness questions come from within.

Last week’s failed Republican health care bill, and any iteration of an American health care plan, misses the mark on creating a foundation of true wellness, according to author Deepak Chopra.Speaking with Salon about his New York Times bestselling new book, “You Are the Universe: Discovering Your Cosmic Self and Why It Matters,” Chopra talked about his definition of health care.“What we’re calling ‘health care’ is health insurance. It has nothing to do with true health care,” the doctor and world-renowned pioneer of transformation said.Chopra’s idea of “true health care” is a combination of stress management, good sleep and exercise, learning to be emotionally and socially intelligent, and harnessing the powers of intuition and creativity. Those components are missing from our national conversation on health, he says.“True health reform will happen when we all collectively participate in the right information, the right knowledge and then help each other to create an ecosystem where we can actually create a more meaningful, purposeful life for ourselves,” Chopra said. Ultimately, it can lead to a more peaceful, healthier and sustainable world.Chopra said he sees a shift in the medical and business fields towards more of a holistic vision, but progress is slow. The key to wellness actually rests within one’s self, he says.If you do one thing for yourself a day, he says, you should meditate. Chopra, who meditates and practices yoga daily, says even one week of meditation practice can “change your life.”The benefits of meditation, according to Chopra, include decreased blood pressure and hypertension, lowered cholesterol levels, reduced production of “stress hormones,” including cortisol and adrenaline, more efficient oxygen use by the body, increased production of the anti-aging hormone DHEA, improved immune function, and decreased anxiety, depression and insomnia.“If people knew the benefits of meditation, they’d fit it into their schedules, just like brushing their teeth or taking a shower,” he said.Chopra leads guided meditation through the digital platform Jiyo. And starting April 10, he is teaming up with Oprah for a free 21-day meditation experience, “Hope in Uncertain Times.” 
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In this age of information manipulation in overdrive, not even the quick brown fox and lazy dog are safe

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.

Anyone who’s ever taken a typing class or tested a keyboard knows this old pangram.

It is a meaningless collection of words meant to test every letter of the alphabet in one sentence.

In these polarized times of immediate – and often misinformed – reaction, we fear even this old, innocuous grouping of letters wouldn’t survive unscathed.

It would be ripped apart, redefined and analyzed to serve a cause.

You see, we are quickly becoming a society that needs to mold and fold facts and phrases into something they’re not. To see an insult where one never existed. To hurl one back when one was never warranted.

It happens on social media every day.

Some professional contrarians make a sport of it and their devotees follow like Labs to a Frisbee.

To prove a point, let’s break down how many of those who are quick to judge and polarize would break this down.

The ultra-sensitive snowflakes among us would attack the quick brown fox for being a show off. For fat shaming the lazy dog and denying him of his ‘right’ to never feel ridiculed. They would question the need to identify the fox as brown in the first place.

The rabid rightoids would point to the lazy dog as a glaring example of everything that is wrong with a coddled society. A useless lump of nothingness that is simply using up oxygen. They may suggest deporting the lazy dog and labeling the entire breed as enemies of their cause.

Yes, it’s on oversimplified and somewhat silly take on things but the amount of information manipulation has never been greater.

It is good to debate. It is good to question.

But not everything said by everyone needs to be turned into a cause.

Some things are simply what they are.

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