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Investigator Says John Podesta Was Paid One Billion Rubles By Russia

Investigator Says John Podesta Was Paid One Billion Rubles By Russia
April 1, 2017
Sean Adl-Tabatabai
News, US

Investigative reporter Peter Shcweizer has obtained proof that Clinton campaign chair John Podesta illegally received over one billion rubles ($45 million dollars) from Russia. 

Schweizer claims Podesta has “a very interesting relationship with Russia, going back to when Hillary Clinton was secretary of state.”
“In 2011, he joins the executive board of this small energy company in Massachusetts called Joule Energy,” Schweizer told SiriusXM.
“And Joule Energy, about two months after he joins the executive board, gets a large infusion of cash. They get one billion rubles, which is about $35 to $45 million, invested from Russia. It comes from a very unusual entity, this entity called RUSNANO.”
Thegatewaypundit.com reports:
Investigative reporter and author Peter Schweizer went on FOX and Friends to discuss Kremlin influence on US politics — and how the Clinton camp was in bed with the Putin regime.
Peter Schweizer: In 2011 John Podesta joined the board of this very small energy company called Joule Energy based out of Massachusetts.

About two months after he joins the board a Russian entity called RUSNANO puts a billion rubles, which is about $35 million, into John Podesta’s company.
Now, what is RUSNANO? RUSNANO is not a private company, Steve. It is a fund directly funded by the Kremlin.
In fact the Russian finance minister called RUSNANO “Putin’s Child.” So you have the Russian government investing in one of John Podesta’s business in 2011 while he is an adviser to Hillary Clinton at the State Department.
Steve Doocy: OK. Does anybody in the Trump circle rise to the level that there is this kind of money involved?
Peter Schweizer: No.
And, once again, the frenzy on the left is all a disguise to hide their own rampant corruption.

Russia gave John Podesta 35 millions dollars (1 billion rubles) while he advised Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. pic.twitter.com/cf042XZLeU
— Based Vet 🇺🇸 (@BasedVet) March 28, 2017

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Feel The Bern Hillary: ‘Trump Voters AREN’T DEPLORABLE’- Bernie Sanders

Adorable grandpa, Bernie Sanders, defends voters who supported Donald Trump for President, telling a rally in Boston: “Some people think the people who voted for Trump are racists and sexists and homophobes and deplorable folks. I don’t agree, because I’ve been there.”

The U.S. Senator from Vermont spoke at an event on Friday evening staged by Our Revolution, a group set up after his insurgent, strongly impactful challenge to the establishment’s pick, Hillary Clinton, in the Democratic primary. Our Revolution aims, in Bernie’s words in Boston, to create “a Democratic Party that is not a party of the liberal elite but of the working class of this country”.
Bernie Sanders’ remarks about Trump voters contained a direct shot at Clinton, who shared her true feelings about America’s white working class at a New York City fundraiser last September by stating “to be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters in a basket of deplorables.
“The racist, sexist, homophobic, xenophobic, Islamophobic, you name it. And unfortunately, there are people like that.”
Clinton’s words became a central feature of the election, the “deplorables” label seized on by the Trump campaign and adopted as a badge of pride among the businessman’s supporters.
In 2020, Democrats will attempt to win working-class voters in states such as Pennsylvania, Michigan and Wisconsin, where Trump wins helped secure the presidency in the electoral college despite Clinton winning nearly 3m more ballots nationwide.
Bernie Sanders, 75, appeared in Boston with Senator Elizabeth Warren from Massachusetts. Warren is seen by progressives as a possible Democratic Presidential candidate.

“Let me tell you something else some of you might not agree with,” Bernie said. “It wasn’t that Donald Trump won the election, it was that the Democratic party lost the election.”
With another jab at Clinton, he added: “We need a Democratic party that is not a party of the liberal elite but of the working class of this country, we need a party that is a grassroots party, where candidates are talking to working people not spending their time raising money for the wealthy and the powerful.
“And when we do that, when we transform the Democratic party, we transform America.”
The Guardian reports:
Tensions between establishment and grassroots elements in the Democratic party – fueled by a primary fight that turned increasingly bitter – have persisted since the election.
On Friday, Warren told the Our Revoultion event about her first meeting with Sanders.
“So some of you know, I was a teacher, researcher, and was doing work about what was happening to America’s middle class,” she said. “This was several years back.
“I got an invitation to come to dinner in Washington DC and I was told it would be with a lot of policy people so I did exactly what you expected me to do – I showed up with a bunch of charts and started talking about what was happening to hard-working families all across this country.”
“One guy with bright white hair … got into it,” she said. “It was like nobody else was in the room. And that was sort of the start of it with Bernie Sanders.”
In his speech, Sanders said: “You can tell the quality of a person by the enemies she makes, and to her credit Elizabeth Warren has made some wonderful enemies.”
Sanders said such enemies included Wall Street and the pharmaceutical and fossil fuel industries. Trump is also no fan of Warren, whom he has repeatedly attacked on Twitter.

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April Fools’ Day snowstorm dumps up to 18 inches in New England

Wilson Ring, Associated Press

3:51 p.m. ET April 1, 2017
Tom Martin shovels snow off his boat on April 1, 2017 in Portland, Maine.(Photo: David Sharp, AP)MONTPELIER, Vt. — It’s April Fools’ Day but it’s no joke: People across northern New England woke up to a foot of heavy, wet snow on parts of the region Saturday and conducted weekend business as more fell throughout the day.The storm caused power outages and numerous highway accidents. By mid-afternoon the number of electric customers without power across Vermont, New Hampshire and Maine had dropped to about 8,100 from overnight totals almost three times that number. A winter storm warning in Vermont had expired, but remained in effect for parts of New Hampshire and Maine.“This is Mother Nature’s idea of an April Fools’ joke,” said meteorologist Eric Schwibs of the National Weather Service in Gray, Maine.But he said that while it’s disheartening to see snow so late in the season, it’s not unusual. Winter had already brought more snow than normal to northern New England. Portland, Maine, recorded 84.4 inches of snow, 2 feet above normal for the city; Concord, New Hampshire, had 73.8 inches, about 15 inches above normal.Bradford, New Hampshire, about 20 miles west of the capital Concord reported 18 inches of snow while the nearby town of Washington reported 17 inches.The Boston area was forecast to get 3 to 4 inches of snow before the storm eases up about 4 p.m. A flood warning was issued for several Massachusetts counties after many areas received up to two inches of rain overnight.High winds were expected on Cape Cod. The Steamship Authority canceled some ferries between Hyannis and Nantucket from 6:30 a.m. through 1:45 p.m. Saturday.In Westport, Connecticut, police warned of possible road flooding during high tide.Saturday, snow-related crashes were reported on the Maine Turnpike and, in New Hampshire, a loaded tractor-trailer rolled over on Interstate 95 in Hampton, blocking three lanes. The 34-year-old driver, a resident of Chelsea, Massachusetts, was taken to a hospital with non-life threatening injuries.In Vermont, the state’s largest electric utility, Green Mountain Power, had more than 21,000 customers back on line after they had lost power overnight. About 1,700 remained without service.Kristin Carlson, a vice president for the utility, urged caution.“People should stay away from down lines, as they may be live and dangerous, and be aware that downed trees could have power lines tangled in them and may also be unsafe,” she said.Just after noon New Hampshire’s Unitil utility reported a handful of its customers were without power, down from a peak of about 7,000 early Saturday.Spokesman Alec O’Meara said customers still without power should call customer service.“Never assume someone else has reported an outage impacting your home, especially if you see power restored to your neighbors,” O’Meara said. “You may have an issue exclusive to your home so be sure to report it.”The late-season snow will further impact town budgets already under pressure from winter-related expenses. Before the storm, Bangor, Maine, was $150,000 over budget for snow removal and Portland was $270,000 over budget. Towns elsewhere in the region had similar stories.Associated Press writers David Sharp in Portland, Maine, and Denise Lavoie in Boston contributed to this story.Read or Share this story: http://usat.ly/2nrsyCf