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Donuts And Politics

http://americannewsx.com[object 3] You have two groups of people who love donuts. They practically worship at the altar of Dunkin. Both groups have a health condition that makes excessive fat and

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Sarah Palin Apologizes To Julian Assange Confirming The GOP Is Now The Party Of Putin

http://americannewsx.com[object 3] We are now witnessing the GOP being lead around by the nose by the Russian dictator. The GOP is becoming the ‘Party of Putin.’ Instead of the GOP,

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Starving the Beast — Revisited

http://bit.ly/2iWXOHm   By: CAPTAINHOOK  /  GoldSeek.com The globalists want to install Chinese style communism in America, and all around the world, as they are convinced authoritarian control of the proletariat will sustain