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Turkish Police detain two Daesh recruits from Europe

Turkish Police detain two Daesh recruits from Europe

© AP Photo/ Murad Sezer

The Turkish police detained two Daesh recruits from Sweden and Denmark, who were allegedly planning to carry out terror attacks in Europe, local media reported Saturday, citing police.

According to the Daily


newspaper, the police detained Danish-Lebanese national Abdullah Halabi and Swedish-Iraqi citizen Mohammed Tefik Saleh on Friday.

The newspaper added that the terrorists had used fake identities to enter Turkey after three months of intense training on weapons and explosives in Syria.

In December 2016, Austrian Foreign Minister and current OSCE chair Sebastian Kurz said that since 2014, some 10,000 Europeans had joined Daesh, outlawed in many countries including Russia. Currently 2,000-2,500 EU nationals reportedly remain in Daesh ranks.

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