SPLC Presents: White Nationalism and the Alt-Right Movement

SPLC Presents: White Nationalism and the Alt-Right Movement

Hey gang, if any of you in the Northeast want to see Keegan Hankes of the SPLC give a presentation on the Alt-Right and White Nationalism, it is going down at Drew University in Madison, NJ at 4:30 PM EST on February 27th. The event is free and open to the public.

Personally, I’m very interested in the Alt-Right and White Nationalism. If this were closer, I would go myself and ask a few questions for the lulz. It is too far away for me though.

“Mrs. Dees protested, and put on her robe and nightgown to go to bed (R. 337-338). Soon Charlie and Morris were in the bed naked, with Maureene in the middle with her gown on (R. 338-339). Springman and Morris hugged and kissed, and Morris tried to get Charlie to have relations with Maureene, but Springman was physically unable to because he was not interested (R. 340). In fact, no one made any effort to have sex with Mrs. Dees during this incident (R. 341). Springman kissed Morris’ penis, and in fact, Morris complained that he bit him and that it hurt (R. 340). Morris kissed Springman on Springman’s penis (R. 341). After about thirty minutes they all went to sleep (R. 342). When Maureene woke up the next morning, Morris was gone (R. 342), but Springman was still asleep in the bed. After five or ten minutes Morris returned and found Maureene crying. …”

Is it true Morris Dees kissed Charlie Springman’s penis in 1977 after he unsuccessfully urged him to have sexual relations with his ex-wife? What a CUCK! Imagine the trolling potential here. If we only had someone get up and scream Pepe during the presentation, it would be hilarious.

Note: Basically, Keegan’s job is to sit around and watch us crack jokes all day and write intelligence reports and earnest blog posts for the SPLC about the imminent Holocaust.

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