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Consumerism Dies As Currency Plunges In Value

Warning signs abound in the prole reich created by democracy. Despite attempts to bolster the economy — “pump priming” — by importing the entire third world, the economy of the West falters as currency declines in value as a result of Leftist social programs:

Whole Foods had grand plans for a UK expansion too, opening its first outpost in Kensington in 2004 with plans for 40 more. But Whole Foods has stalled: like much of the retail sector, it faces economic headwinds including razor-thin margins, competition from other retailers offering organic food, and increasingly price-conscious consumers.
…One rival chain, Sprouts Farmers Market, was found to be on average 19% cheaper than Whole Foods. Other rivals, including Kroger, picked up Whole Foods customers. Last month, Barclays advised that Whole Foods had experienced a “staggering” decline in foot traffic that it estimated at 3%, or roughly 14 million customers.

Here in the mental state of Read Between The Lies you must parse carefully what the herd says in order to figure out what is rationalization/excuse/justification (REJ) and what is actual cause-effect reasoning. They speak of a number of factors, but the big one is price. Whole Foods is too expensive for what it offers.
This fits into the only sensible analysis of the Obama years. Just as under Clinton, the US switched to demand-side economics, but this delegated the value of our currency to world markets, which promptly rejected the Obama doctrine because our economy was based on a circular Ponzi scheme, making a fragile economy which will explode as consumer demand falls.
Whole Foods and others are dying because, despite our “great” economy, most people are suffering a loss of ready cash because the cash is worth 40% less than pre-Obama money. As a result, they are avoiding places that are financial traps, and instead, quietly going to Walmart and bypassing the whole consumer retail spectacle.
As often happens, bubbles occur where a product is scarce but eventually will become easier to come by. Consumer goods were once a huge profit center in the West, but over time, the equality boom of the French Revolution faded and so consumer goods declined in value. Now, we watch that industry pass away, having made itself irrelevant by raising costs just as the audience needed it to level out.

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LA Times: Trump Should ‘Revive’ Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill

LA Times: Trump Should ‘Revive’ Gang of Eight Amnesty Bill

by John Binder30 Apr 2017Los Angeles, CA0 30 Apr, 2017
30 Apr, 2017

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERThe Los Angeles Times editorial board is requesting President Donald Trump to “revive” the infamous ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty legislation that would have legalized some 12 to 30 million illegal immigrants in the U.S.
In the L.A. Times editorial, Trump’s current immigration enforcement measures were blasted as “bullying” and the deportation of illegal immigrants was slammed for allegedly creating “more problems than it solves.”

Instead, the L.A. Times editors said the ‘Gang of Eight’ amnesty legislation, which Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) and Sen. Marco Rubio (R-FL) both heralded in 2013, is the answer to the current immigration problem facing the U.S.
Most of the 11 million people living in the country illegally have been here for more than a decade, and have become entwined in the fabric of communities despite their illegal status. They are longtime neighbors and friends, the parents of American children, and workers who fill a significant percentage of the jobs in the agriculture, construction and service industries. Kicking them all out creates more problems than it solves. So rather than rousting those who established themselves here years ago without permission and otherwise have not broken significant laws, the administration should work with Congress to revive the 2013 comprehensive immigration reform bill and tackle this issue in a humane, pragmatic and forward-looking manner that emphasizes what is best for the country. In fact, most Americans support immigration and immigration reform, and want a path for legalization for those who have been longstanding productive members of American society.
At the risk of belaboring the obvious, immigration — despite society’s occasional surges of xenophobia — made this country. Not only does it define the nation’s past, it will define the future, as well. Yes, it needs to be orderly and controlled, which is why responsible national leadership is crucial. Instead, we get bellicosity and fear-mongering. With Republicans controlling both Congress and the White House, the immigration system is theirs to fix. They need to get to it, rather than pursuing draconian, legally unsound and disruptive enforcement strategies.
Amnesty has long been denounced by Trump and his Attorney General Jeff Sessions for its rewarding of legal status to what they see as border-crossers and line-jumpers in the illegal immigration system.

That viewpoint by Trump and Sessions has not stopped efforts by more establishment-aligned GOP senators and congressmen.
Sen. Thom Tillis (R-NC) most recently introduced an immigration overhaul legislation that would include amnesty for the millions of illegal immigrants in the U.S., as Breitbart Texas reported.
John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart Texas. Follow him on Twitter at @JxhnBinder.

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News Media Ignoring Illegal Palestinian Construction On Jewish-Owned Land In Jerusalem

SIGN UP FOR OUR NEWSLETTERTEL AVIV – Amid reports that Israel has revived plans to construct a new neighborhood in the eastern sections of Jerusalem, it is instructive to review the largely untold story of Palestinians building entirely illegally on Jewish-owned property in the same areas.
The illegal Palestinian construction has worked to generate facts on the ground, creating de facto Palestinian neighborhoods inside peripheral Jerusalem that are virtual no-go zones for Israeli civilians. The illegal housing has impacted previous Israeli-Palestinian negotiations. Numerous Israeli-Palestinian peace proposals designated these very areas future Palestinian territory due to the large concentrations of Palestinians living in them.

Last week, Haaretz reported on the Israel Housing Ministry’s decision to bring back plans to build a Jewish neighborhood in the currently defunct Atarot Airport, located near Qalandia just north of Jerusalem.
Haaretz reported:

Atarot Airport, the planned site of the new neighborhood, was abandoned at the beginning of the second intifada some 15 years ago for fear that the Palestinians would shoot at planes taking off there. The airport is located next to the separation barrier, not far from the Qalandia checkpoint.
The plan also spans areas west of the airport, outside the municipal area of Jerusalem in the West Bank, in lands that are nevertheless under Jewish ownership.
The Times of Israel reported the new Jerusalem homes would span several neighborhoods:

Of the 15,000 units planned over the Green Line, the lion’s share would be in two new residential neighborhoods: Atarot in the north of the city and Givat Hamatos in the south.
Another 2,000 homes would be built in Givat Hamatos, a mostly empty hill that critics say could cut East Jerusalem off from neighboring Bethlehem.
A further 3,000 would be built in Ramat Shlomo, an existing ultra-Orthodox neighborhood in the city’s north.

Some in the news media are painting the homes as controversial because they are slated for the eastern sections of Jerusalem. Judaism’s holiest sites – the Temple Mount and Western Wall – are located in eastern Jerusalem, which is steeped in Jewish history.
The Jews maintained a historic presence in Jerusalem, including in the eastern sections, until they were forced to leave the Old City en masse in 1948. Jordan illegally occupied and annexed the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem from 1948 until Israel captured the lands in a defensive war in 1967.
The 1967 Six Day War was launched after Arab countries used the territories to stage attacks against the Jewish state.  In 1988, Jordan officially renounced its claims to the West Bank and eastern Jerusalem and unilaterally recognized terrorist Yasser Arafat’s Palestine Liberation Organization as “the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.”
Lost in the news media coverage of eastern Jerusalem is that major swaths of land there are legally owned by Jews, including at the Atarot Airport and in Qalandia where the plans for the new Jewish homes are centered.
In 2007, this reporter extensively investigated those areas and found Jewish-owned land was utilized to illegally construct Palestinian apartment buildings, a refugee camp and a United Nations school.
I reported at the time: 
The properties in question include about 270 acres in the northern Jerusalem neighborhoods of Qalandia and Kfar Akev, located near an old Israeli airport, and about 50 acres in a north Jerusalem suburb known as Shoafat, which is adjacent to the Jewish neighborhood of Pisgat Zeev.
The lands were legally purchased on behalf of JNF using Jewish donations in the early 1900s, immediately after the organization was founded in 1901 with the specific charge of repurchasing and developing the land of Israel for Jewish settlement.
A tour of Qalandiya and Kfar Akev found dozens of Arab apartment complexes, a Palestinian refugee camp and a United Nations school for Palestinians constructed on the land.  
I also further reported in 2009 these de facto Palestinian enclaves in peripheral Jerusalem neighborhoods have become virtual no-go zones for Jewish Israelis due to security concerns. The Jerusalem police confirmed at the time that security arrangements discourage Israeli Jews from entering the neighborhoods. Those security arrangements are still in effect today.
Aaron Klein is Breitbart’s Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter. He is a New York Times bestselling author and hosts the popular weekend talk radio program, “Aaron Klein Investigative Radio.” Follow him on Twitter @AaronKleinShow. Follow him on Facebook.