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Obama Provokes War with Putin, Again – CIA Brings Down Russian Military Plane – FAKENEWS




Obama has engaged in another act of war against Russia. Obama is determined to start World War III before he leaves office, if he ever does.

This time, Obama’s CIA brought down a Russian military plane filled with the top Russian media.

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December 27, 2016 at 01:57AM

Woman hurls grandma's tree in Christmas Day melee, police say – FAKENEWS


YORK, Pa. — A woman allegedly picked up a Christmas tree and threw it at another woman during a Christmas Day fight in Red Lion, according to police.

Karen Elaine Harrelson, 52, of the first block of First Avenue, Red Lion, faces two counts of simple assault and one count of terroristic threats.

Pennsylvania State Police were called to Harrelson’s home at 3:03 p.m. on Sunday for a domestic disturbance. Once there, a trooper met Harrelson, who told him there had been a fight at the home involving family members, court documents state.

The trooper smelled alcohol coming from Harrelson’s breath and noticed that she was slurring her words and could not articulate clearly while speaking, documents state.

The trooper then spoke with Harrelson’s daughter, Kristin Nichole Atkins, who said she was in contact with the victim, Kayla Renee Still. The trooper then asked Atkins to have Still return to the home.

“Atkins further related Harrelson has a known history of violence and when Harrelson says she is going to do something she follows through with it,” documents state.

According to online court dockets, Harrelson pleaded guilty to simple assault in 2013, stemming from an arrest earlier that year in West Manchester Township.

Still returned to the home about 4 p.m. and told police that earlier that day, she told Harrelson not to light a cigarette inside the house because her cousin was seven months pregnant.

Harrelson grew enraged when Still insisted she go outside with the cigarette, calling her names and threatening to “whoop her (back side),” documents state. “Still continued (saying) Harrelson then picked up her grandmother’s Christmas tree and approached her in an aggressive manner and threw the tree at her and that’s when they fell onto the couch.”

No details were available on the size or nature of the tree.

Once on the couch, Harrelson grabbed Still’s hair and began pulling it, not letting go, documents state. Still then punched Harrelson in the face twice to get her to let go. Another person, Daniel Jesus Colcazo, tried to restrain Harrelson so that Still could escape.

Police did not say if, or how, Harrelson, Still and Colcazo are related. Harrelson, who posted $15,000 bail, could not be reached for comment.

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December 27, 2016 at 01:57AM

Graphic Video Exposes How Famous Brands, Like Louis Vuitton, Make Crocodile Skin Bags – FAKENEWS

By: anonhq At first, the vigorously shaking crocodiles are given an electric shock; their necks are then cut open and metal rods are rammed down their spines while they’re still alive, making the crocodile bleed out. The poor reptiles are skinned while still bleeding and moving. Crocodiles in Vietnam are skinned alive to make “luxury” […]
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December 27, 2016 at 01:50AM

Mole Reveals Plans For Domestic Terror Attack on U.S. Inauguration Day (Video) – FAKENEWS


For anyone who hasn’t already heard, several different far-left activist groups including but not limited to Rising Tide North America, Showing up For Racial Justice, and of course the ever-popular Black Lives Matter are actively engaged at this very moment in various stages of planning for a violent uprising on Donald Trump’s Inauguration Day.

In a recent article that can be found at ipatriot.com, President-elect Trump’s close friend Roger Stone confirmed precisely what I’ve been warning about since at least this past June. Stone says that one of his undercover operatives was recently able to infiltrate a J-20 Committee planning session, which is the committee responsible for helping the #DisruptJ20 movement “create a sense of crisis” both in Washington D.C., and elsewhere around the country during the President-Elect’s Inauguration. So far, the operative has revealed the following: 

At approximately 12:30, and immediately after the inauguration, a group of activists plans to begin marching from the McPherson Square area, and moving in the direction of Columbus Circle, harassing inaugural visitors in multiple waves along their route as the visitors exit out of metro stations. 

At the same time, another group of activists is tasked with harassing Secret Service Members who will be working checkpoints along the National Mall, and then another group will be using drums to break up the program when necessary. There are also plans to launch a pirate radio broadcast, and the group is said to be considering using aerial drones loaded with rockets to attack the parade.

In the video below, I go into further detail about what #DisruptJ20 has planned, and I ask that you share this post with others in the alternative news media to see if together we might be able to somehow find a way to counteract this blatant act of domestic terrorism, because clearly Obama’s Department of Injustice has no plans to disrupt the group’s very public and well orchestrated plans for chaos and violence before they commence.

Black’s Law Dictionary 9th Edition defines an "ACT OF TERRORISM" as: The use or threat of violence to intimidate or cause panic, esp. as a means of affecting political conduct. On the #DisruptJ20 website, the group is very clear about why they’re planning to use violence to cause chaos. The website says:

"From day one, the Trump presidency will be a disaster. #DisruptJ20 will be the start of the resistance. We must take to the streets and protest, blockade, disrupt, intervene, sit in, walk out, rise up, and make more noise and good trouble than the establishment can bear."

These far-left radical groups are planning the textbook definition for acts of domestic terror. The sheer insanity of it all, is that the major social media giants obviously have no problem with the group continuing to recruit ever larger numbers of people willing to commit acts of violence using their platforms, and I’m willing to bet there’s no active plan in place for law enforcement to stop this movement dead in its tracks before trouble begins.


Let’s not forget, "Captain Hope and Change" claimed the intelligence communities were allegedly able trace election cyber-hacking across the Atlantic Ocean all the way to the Russians, but we’re supposed to believe they aren’t capable of tracing who the organizers of this movement planning violence are, so forces could be dispatched to arrest their plans before they ever commence? Give me a break!  





As I explained in the video above, this whole situation has George Soros’ fingerprints all over it. Roger Stone’s informant claims the groups plans to meet January 6-8 for street medical training, then on January 8th they plant to meet to finalize plans for their operation, and on January 14, they are training their shock troops for violence. Finally, January 14-22, they plan to converge on Washington in an effort to paralyze the city.

First of all, that operation sounds extremely well organized, which means it’s extremely well funded, and that suggests that you can bet the farm that long time Clinton and Obama ally George Soros is the one pulling all the strings behind the scenes. After all, let’s not forget what Soros said back in September: Western Society Must Fall Before One World Gov’t Can Be Established. Furthermore, Soros has a long and distinguished track record just within this campaign cycle alone of causing trouble. The following are just a few examples: 

Charlotte Riots Show Hallmarks Of George Soros Operation (Video)

The Clock Is Ticking Before the U.S. Devolves Into an Armed Revolt (Video)

Leaked Docs Show How Soros Continues to Massively Reshape US Elections (Video) 

Leaked Memos Show Soros Responsible For Social Media Censorship (Video)

Soros Funded BLM Promising Chaos at Both DNC and RNC Conventions  

Trump Protesters Admit Answering Craigslist Ad – Soros Paying $16/hr to Protest (Video)

Exposed: BLM Twisted Plans To Escalate Chaos Forcing Martial Law (Video)

C.I.A. Links Top Hillary Donor George Soros to Terrorist Bombing

At this point there are several items that cannot be stressed enough. First of all, as I explained in a post back on October 13th, all signs seem to be pointing toward Trump being led directly into a serious (and potentially violent) no—win scenario. Despite the fact that Black Lives Matter failed to achieve its goal during the DNC and RNC conventions this summer, recall what was revealed when Black Lives Matter activist DeRay Mckesson’s email account was hacked back on June 10th. He wrote the following in an email to one of his fellow BLM activists:

“If we can get both conventions shut down for messing over Bernie, and for racist Trump, then we can get Martial Law declared so Obama can stay in office…”

Those are not my words, and that’s not some crazy “conspiracy theory.” Those were the exact words of one of the leaders of Black Lives Matter, which happens to be a George Soros funded group, and with Soros being one of the wealthiest men on the planet, that means Black Lives Matter and their agenda have some of the deepest pockets on earth.

Second, whether or not Black Lives Matter will manage to cause so much chaos and violence that Martial Law has to be declared, or whether or not Obama is forced to delay the inauguration because a state of public emergency requires Martial Law are NOT the issues people should be focused on. 

At the bottom of this post, I provide links to previous posts that contain almost 2,000 pages of government documents that prove Martial Law is VERY possible, regardless of what the ill-informed out there think, however that’s NOT the point.

The point is that there are multiple far-left, well-funded, radical groups promising to bring violence, just like they have been promising for months now (and as I’ve been warning about for months), so regardless of what people want to call the chaos, anyone who has not made preparations for an emergency situation the way Obama himself told the country to on May 31st, is putting themselves and their loved ones at risk. 

Be smart. No one was ever hurt by being too prepared for emergencies. After what Obama just did to Israel this week, potentially lighting the fuse that starts World War III, maybe some of you are finally starting to realize there is major trouble on the horizon no matter what.

Whether it comes as a result of the failure of the U.S. Dollar and Western banks, deteriorating social conditions here at home, an international incident like the one brewing at U.N., or Black Lives Matter decides to keep their promise to incite riots everywhere, then I suggest you get your FREE GUIDE for how to survive Martial Law here, because if/when things begin to go south, by then it will be too late to do anything about it. 


For anyone with no idea where to begin making preparations, a very good, and very inexpensive tool to teach you how and what you should be preparing, is a book called “Conquering the Collapse.” Since I’ve practically worn out my own iPad reading my copy, in the following link I provide you with a review of the book: Be Ready For Any Emergency – The Crucial Guide For Any Family’s Safety (Videos)

If you do nothing else, you can learn more about the coming crisis in the links at the bottom under the heading titled, “If nothing else, these links are essential.” The writing is on the wall everywhere… I strongly suggest checking out the post titled, Start “Doubling Up On Your Prepping;” Countdown to Economic Collapse.






Top US General Pleads With Troops Not to Revolt Over 2016 (Video)

Former Congressman Calls For Armed Revolt If Trump Loses (Video)

Reports of Active U.S. Military Drilling for "Authoritarian Rule of Law" (Martial Law)

U.N. Says They Will Soon Occupy America: “Going Door-to-Door Taking Guns…" 

Over 1,500 Pages of Documents Reveal Martial Law & FEMA Camp Domestic Agenda in U.S.  

Mainstream Media Blasts Alternative News Personality on FEMA Camps (Videos)

Pentagon Approves U.N. Use Of Force Against American Civilians (Video)

Looks Like President Barack Obama May Suspend 2016 Presidential Elections..

United Nations Troops on U.S. Soil Prepared to Assist With Martial Law? (Videos)

Update: All Armed Americans to Be Detained in FEMA Camps Soon? (Video)

Prepping: Know Where FEMA Camps Are Before Martial Law Gets Declared (Videos)

Law Enforcement Preparing For Rioting on National Scale (Videos)

Patriot Films Shocking New Video of a FEMA Camp Recently Discovered in Texas

Obama Has Prepared FEMA for All Four Storms… Are You Prepared?

Pentagon Says Preparing For Huge Civil Unrest in U.S. (Videos)

Government “Threat List:” 8 Million People To Be Detained Immediately


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December 27, 2016 at 01:43AM

2 men sleeping in dumpsters meet gruesome deaths – FAKENEWS


TALLAHASSEE — Two men who likely never met died the same bone-crushing way, according to recently released investigative reports: They fell asleep in dumpsters that city garbage trucks emptied and were killed in the maw of the trash compactor.

The bodies of William J. “Jay” Norris and Anthony D. Todd were found two months apart at the Leon County waste transfer station.

One was a longtime homeless resident of Tallahassee. The other was a more recent arrival.

As coincidental as those bizarre circumstances appear, the Leon County Sheriff’s Office said no foul play was involved. The two deaths were purely accidental and seemingly avoidable.

Their deaths raise questions about the safety of trash bins and whether enough precautions are in place to prevent people from getting trapped in trucks’ compactors.

“It’s a dilemma,” said Pastor Glenn Burns of Good Samaritan Network of Tallahassee. He tries to let folks know about a place to get a blanket, a hot meal and a safe place to sleep.

But some just won’t spend a night in a shelter. Instead, they seek the woods and other alternatives to a roof and four walls.

Burns participated in a recent National Homeless Persons’ Memorial Day for the 28 people in this area who died while homeless. Anthony Todd’s name was on that list.

“Our list was the longest it’s ever been this year,” Burns said.

They didn’t all die in dumpsters. Many died from illnesses related to chronic drug and alcohol abuse. Others had mental illnesses or were combat veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder.

“It’s a never-ending battle,” Burns said. “Sometimes it takes years for them to develop trust with you to take next step.”

Anthony Todd

Perry Kalip was working a bulldozer to load trash onto semi-trucks at the waste transfer station one August day when he saw legs sticking out of a trash pile.

At first, he thought it was a mannequin. But then Kalip touched the legs with his finger.

Workers cleared the debris and uncovered the body of a man clothed in a dark gray shirt, dark shorts, dark socks and a Sketcher shoe on one foot. The left leg was badly disfigured, like from a serious injury.

A tattoo on his upper right arm read “Todd.” A search of the victim’s pockets unearthed a piece of paper from “Star Metro” and a credit/debit card with the name of Anthony Todd.

The body had prominent scars that helped further identify him.

He was a month away from turning 44. He had been homeless for years.

He suffered from seizures. He drank heavily.

Investigators theorized that Todd may have climbed into a dumpster one rainy night to stay dry, had a seizure, fell into a deep sleep, and did not awaken when the garbage truck came to empty the contents of the dumpster.

After interviewing several employees at the City of Tallahassee Renaissance Center, they learned that he frequently hung out at a walled-in dumpster in the back of the parking lot near a place where customers make drive-through utility payments.

Several employees said Todd frequently slept in the dumpster.

“It was raining the night before and morning of the dumpster pickup, so it is likely that Todd was inside the dumpster at the time,” investigators reported. The victim likely was inside the dumpster despite signs warning people to stay out because of a crushing hazard.

Investigators found several personal effects, clothing, a lighter, cigarette packs, a bag of lottery tickets, and mail addressed to Anthony Todd.

They tracked down his sister Wanda Ann Todd. When they told her about her brother’s death, she was upset but calmed down enough to ask what had happened.

They gave her some basic details.

Anthony Todd was prone to recurring seizures since birth and was on medication, she told them. She bought his seizure medicine for him. But he still had seizures and would sometimes pass out and sleep for hours afterward.

Anthony Todd’s mother didn’t know he was dead. Wanda Todd said the woman was in a nursing home and she would rather tell her the news.

William Norris

Virgil Norris hadn’t seen or talked to his son in 15 years, ever since his child moved to Rhode Island with his wife and kids.

Suddenly over the summer, William Norris, showed up at his father’s suburban St. Petersburg, Fla., home saying he wanted to “re-forge his relationship and get his life back in order,” according to a Leon County Sheriff’s Office investigative report.

The elder Norris bought his son a car, a silver 2005 BMW. The long lost son stayed with his dad in Pinellas Park, Fla., about a week and then took off.

Next time Virgil Norris heard from his son was when he got a DUI in August in Gadsden County, Fla., just west of Tallahassee. Gadsden County sheriff’s deputies found the younger Norris and the car in a ditch in Havana, Fla.

They called Florida Highway Patrol to investigate. William Norris told the trooper he was backing up and ran into the ditch.

He stumbled, was unsteady on his feet, slurred his words, and smelled strongly of alcohol.

“His eyes were glassy and bloodshot,” the trooper said.

William Norris refused to take part in field sobriety exercises and was placed under arrest. He had no driver’s license on him and was identified from his passport.

He was charged with having an open container of alcohol, improper backing, failure to carry personal injury protection, driving with a suspended or revoked license and not showing his license. All charges were dismissed Aug. 12 as part of a plea deal made in his absence.

Since Virgil Norris had paid for the car, he traveled to Gadsden County to bring it back to his home.

But the elder Norris had no idea what happened to his son after the 45-year-old was released from Gadsden County Jail. Two months later, William Norris’ body was found at the waste transfer station.

Myron Henry, a heavy-equipment operator at the transfer station, was operating a front-end loader moving trash around when he saw a body visible from the torso up among the trash. Investigating deputies saw the body’s right arm was broken above the elbow and had “significant trauma to the head.”

The body was clothed in a blue T-shirt, tan and gray checked shorts and gray tennis shoes.

On his body and clothing, they found his driver’s license, a black Samsung Android smartphone, its case, Publix gift cards, assorted credit cards, rewards cards, health insurance cards, headphones, a broken disposable razor, Merrell shoes, a beaded necklace and black bracelet.

The body was taken to the medical examiner for an autopsy. Blood and tissue samples were taken to run toxicology tests.

Virgil Norris wasn’t sure why his son was in Tallahassee, telling investigators he didn’t know if his son knew anyone in the state capital.

“It should be noted that Virgil Norris did not appear to be surprised” about how his son died, investigators wrote.

They also reached out to William Norris’ first wife, Sandy, whom he’d met and married in college while both attended the University of Florida. She said they had been estranged about 12 years.

“Sandy said that William had a high-paying job and simply woke up one day deciding to be an alcoholic,” the report said.

She had lost track of his whereabouts but also wasn’t surprised about the circumstances of his death, investigators said.

William Norris’ second ex-wife, Melissa Comeau, told investigators he was a deadbeat dad and spouse abuser who was addicted to drugs and alcohol. She said they divorced in January 2014, and he lost his parental rights in October 2015 because of his “horrible alcohol and drug problem.”

Comeau and William Norris had married after he divorced his first wife in June 2005. William Norris was born in Pinellas County but married
his first wife, had two children and moved to Barrington, R.I, before they divorced.

He and Comeau also have two children together. She said he hadn’t seen their daughters in a year and was more than $15,000 behind on child support.

Crushed to death

The medical examiner in Anthony Todd’s case noted broken ribs and hemorrhaging in the eyes. Based on her observations, she said the cause of death was likely asphyxiation caused from compression of the chest.

“The observed injuries are consistent with being crushed,” not being the victim of a violent crime, according to the autopsy report.

William Norris died from multiple blunt traumatic injuries.

“Extensive trauma was obvious and consistent with the body being compressed by a trash compactor,” one deputy observed.

The medical examiner documented many crush injuries to the face, skull and jaw, neck and rib fractures.

The toxicology report found his blood-alcohol level at 0.249.

In both cases, investigators surmised that both men took refuge in a dumpster, fell asleep and went unnoticed when they were lifted into the city garbage trucks that delivered them to their gruesome deaths.

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December 27, 2016 at 01:43AM

Snow, ice, and severe gusts of wind cripple Great Plains, leaving tens of thousands without electricity (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) – FAKENEWS

© Lucas Jackson / Reuters

Snow, freezing rain and up to 50 mile an hour winds continued into Monday in the Great Plains, as the harsh winter weather forced airport closings, power outages, and shut off long stretches of highway in the Dakotas.

In North Dakota, weather conditions and near-zero visibility compelled a no-travel


, as the National Weather Service said a blizzard warning would remain in effect for much of the state through Monday afternoon.

“It will take many days to get this snow cleared out,”


Jeff Heintz, North Dakota’s director of public works.

Power outages have been reported across the region

, especially in North and South Dakota, as well as Nebraska, where

high winds have reached 70 miles per hour. Nearly 20,000 customers of the South Dakota Rural Electric Association were without power as of Monday afternoon

, according to AP.

The North Dakota Transportation Department closed 240 miles of Interstate 94 on Sunday evening

while no-travel advisories were issued across the state.

In South Dakota, authorities shut down 260 miles of Interstate 90.

Flight delays and cancellations have occurred at Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport in Minnesota and Minot International Airport in North Dakota, as well as airports in Fargo, Hector, and Bismarck, North Dakota.

The National Weather Service in Grand Forks, North Dakota, reported near-zero visibility and wind gusts of up to 45 miles per hour in the eastern region of the state.

As of early Monday morning, Bismarck has received more than 12 inches of snow, according to the National Weather Service, while Underwood, North Dakota, got 18 inches of snow, the Weather Channel


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December 27, 2016 at 01:37AM